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World's first air travel prayer time calculator launched

Apr 2012

Crescentrating today launched the world's first Air Travel Prayer Time Calculator. This application will now provide Muslim travelers the ability to know the prayer times along the flight path of their journey by air. Based on the departure airport & time, as well as the arrival airport & time, the application calculates the prayer times along its flight path. It is hosted on Crescentrating's website (www.crescentrating.com) and also gives information on the availability of prayer facilities at the departure and arrival airports.

"This is the public beta release of the application. Once we have tested with as many travelers as possible, we will launch the mobile applications. We also plan to add other features such as direction for prayers in the future release of the app," said Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of Crescentrating.

Up until now, knowing the prayer times for a plane journey has been a challenge. Most travelers have had to make educated guesses. With the Muslim travelers on the rise, there was a dire need for such a tool.

"From the very inception of Crescentrating, this was one of the frustrations of Muslims travelers that we wanted to find a solution for. It took us a bit of time, but we are now extremely excited to launch this application. We hope this will make life easier for those who want make sure that they do not miss their prayers while on an airplane" says Fazal.

Rafi-uddin Shikoh, Managing Director of DinarStandard, a US based Muslim Market consultancy company said, "With the Muslim lifestyle friendly market for all type of products and services on the rise, there are many opportunities for innovation to cater to their unique needs. This is another example of how Crescentrating has filled a void. This is sure to delight many Muslim travelers who have been struggling with this issue"

Crescentrating website includes Muslim traveler guides for hundreds of cities around the world. It already introduced the Qiblah Direction & Prayer Times button for all of its Crescentrated Hotels and Country Guides last year. Travelers utilizing the website to plan their next vacation will now, not only be able to identify the Qiblah direction and local prayer times for any of the cities listed in Crescentrating's Guides, but also know the prayer times along the flight path of their next flight.


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