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Crescentrating releases 2014 Halal-friendly holiday destination rankings

Feb 2014

Crescentrating today released its 2014 Ranking of Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations. Now in the 4th year, this year's ranking tracks 60 destinations. The Muslim Travel market segment was estimated to be worth US $140B in 2013, representing almost 13% of global travel expenditures. An increasing number of destinations are now keen on tapping into this segment and adapting their services to take into account the unique faith-based needs of Muslim travellers.

Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations for 2014 in the OIC and non-OIC category

  Top 10 Halal Friendly Destinations 2014 (OIC Destinations) Top 10 Halal Friendly Destinations 2014 (non-OIC Destinations)
1 Malaysia Singapore
2 United Arab Emirates South Africa
3 Turkey Thailand
4 Indonesia United Kingdom
5 Saudi Arabia Bosnia & Herzegovina
6 Morocco India
7 Jordan Hong Kong
8 Qatar Germany
9 Tunesia Australia
10 Egypt Tanzania

In-depth look at the rankings of all 60 destinations are available on here.

The main criteria taken into account in the ranking includes its suitability as a family holiday destination, the level of services and facilities it provides for Muslim travellers and the marketing initiatives of the destination targeting this segment.   

Malaysia continues to hold on to it's top position as the most halal friendly holiday destination, followed by United Arab Emirates and Turkey in the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) destinations. Indonesia has moved up to 4th position. Indonesia has launched number of initiatives in the past 12 months to focus on this segment. Singapore leads the list in non-OIC category for the 2nd year.

Japan has made the most improvement among the 60 destinations tracked. Japan released a travel guide for Muslim travellers last year. Recently some of the airports in Japan have also taken steps to improve their services by offering Halal food and prayer rooms. 

In 2013 Crescentrating’s Rankings included 50 destinations. This year it has added 10 more destinations. It also releases Annual ranking of Airports and Shopping destinations. 

About Crescentrating

Crescentrating Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company, is the pioneer and world’s leading authority on Halal Travel. Its vision is to enable Muslim travellers to explore the world with peace of mind by leading the growth of the Halal Travel segment to benefit travellers, travel service providers and the community as a whole. Crescentrating.com, HalalTrip.com and it’s mobile application Crescent Trips brings a full portfolio of world leading products to ensure a hassle free Halal Travel experience, whether you are travelling for leisure or business

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