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Jeju Island launches new visitor guide for Muslim tourists

Sep 2015

A comprehensive visitor guide for Muslim tourists has officially been launched by Jeju Island, highlighting what the popular South Korean destination has to offer Muslims. The launch of the visitor guide hopes to reach out to the lucrative Muslim travel market – a segment that is now worth $145 billion – and thus drive more Muslim tourists to Jeju Island.

Compiled by Jeju Tourism Association and HalalTrip, the comprehensive 12-page guide is a useful resource for every Muslim tourist as it lists out the various facilities that are available on the island for Muslims – such as the best Halal restaurants and nearby prayer facilities – as well as the must-see attractions and activities that are on offer. The guide also showcases the island's unique culture and lifestyle to give travellers a more in-depth understanding of the destination.

The guide focuses on some of the most important aspects of Muslim-friendly travel and features information separated into four main sections – the Five Must-Have Experiences, the Best Shopping Places, the Best Places to Eat and Prayer Facilities. 

Launching the visitor guide enables Jeju Island to easily promote itself as a Muslim-friendly destination and receive a greater number of Muslim visitor arrivals in the future. 

The Muslim Visitor Guide to Jeju Island is presently available in English in the form of a printed version as well as a free downloadable e-book. The printed guides are being distributed amongst various travel agents and partners in the region while the online version is available for download on the HalalTrip website.

To download the Muslim Visitor Guide to Jeju Island, please visit the below link: http://www.halaltrip.com/downloadable-halal-travel-guides



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