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Editors' Choice | Review of free Quran iPhone application

Aug 2010

Our first review is of free Quran iPhone applications. We have looked at only those applications that provide the full text of the Qur'an. This narrowed down the applications to the following:

  • alQuran from alMubine
  • Quran Majeed Lite from Pakdata
  • iQuran from Guidedways
  • Al Mus'haf from i4islam
  • myQuran - Indonesia from biminasoft

First of all, we pray that Allah Tha'ala rewards the above companies abundantly for all the effort that they have put to make these applications available for all of us.

We reviewed the applications for usability in the following two areas, from a travellers perspective:

  • Ease of use purely for reciting the Quran. How close do they come to the convenience of a printed Mus'haf.
  • Audio recitation features. We looked not just the ability to listen to a Sheik's recitation, but the features available for making it a useful learning and memorization tool.

Ease of use for recitation (Quran Reader)


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