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Book Review | One thousand Roads to Mecca

Jul 2010

These accounts of Hajj journeys undertaken by land, a few hundred years ago, give fascinating incites to how they travelled, glimpses of the life of the cities they passed, the dangers they had to encounter and most importantly the life changing inspiration they got when they reach Makkah! It is mentioned that the Chinese General, Zhen He, developed the passion for Travel after accompanying his grandfather (or his father) on a Hajj journey!

One Thousand Roads to Mecca is a great collection of such fascinating accounts of the journeys of 23 people going to Makkah. The Travellers come from different walks of life and start with the travels of Nasr-e-Khosraw of Persia in the year 1050. Some of the most interesting stories are of Malcom X, Ibn Batuta and Ibn Jubair's pilgrimage to Hajj. Some of the accounts covered are of non-Muslims, who somehow managed to get to Makkah and even write about their journey and how they managed to get through! Some stories give you glimpses of how Cairo and Damascus were during the height of their glory days.


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