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Mirza Yawar Baig (Member of Board of Advisors)

Sep 2016

Mirza Yawar Baig is the founder of YAWAR BAIG & ASSOCIATES™. He is an International Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Corporate Consultant, specializing in Leadership Development helping technical specialists transition into Management and Leadership roles.

Yawar’s book, ‘The Business of Family Business’ helps Family Businesses make the critical transition from being ‘Person-led to becoming Process-driven’ and create robust systems that will enable the business to be handed from generation to generation.  His book, ‘An Entrepreneur’s Diary’ traces his own journey as an entrepreneur. Yawar specializes in helping Start-ups make the transition into their growth phase, helping them to look at challenges and take difficult critical decisions. His latest book, ‘Leadership is a Personal Choice’, illustrates his philosophy that one must take charge of one’s life and learn to live like a ‘Master’ and not like a ‘victim’.

He believes that we need to learn to take charge of our own destinies and not wait for others to decide how we should live. He draws on his extensive experience of over 28 years in consulting with Multinational Corporations, Government and business entrepreneurs on 3 continents where he’s taught more than 200,000 managers, administrators, teachers, technologists and clergy on 3 continents. He combines Eastern values with Western systems to transcend cultural boundaries. Yawar’s style reflects openness, commitment to quality and value-based professionalism. Yawar speaks five languages.

Yawar is a consultant faculty member at AMA International (New York, NY), GE Corporate University (Crotonville, NY), Andersen Corporate University (Minneapolis, MN), Association of Muslim School - AMS (South Africa), Jamiat ul Ulama (South Africa), SVP National Police Academy (Hyderabad, India) and Lal Bahadur Sastry Academy of Administration (Mussoorie, India)

He has an Executive MBA (MEP) from Institute Indian Institute of Management (Ahmadabad, India) and has completed P-CMM Certification Program from Institute TeraQuest & Carnegie Melon University (Austin, TX).

His books include The Business of Family Business, An Entrepreneur’s Diary, Hiring Winners, Islam for Beginners, Understanding Islam – 52 Khutbas, 20.10.2010 – 55 Life Lessons and Leadership Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah (SAW)

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