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How Destinations and Businesses Can Gain a Competitive Advantage in Ramadan

Jun 2016

For destinations and businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage by targeting Muslim travelers in Ramadan, the “MasterCard-CrescentRating Ramadan Travel Report” is their premier resource. This report is the most comprehensive study of its kind giving destinations and businesses useful insights on how they can develop medium to long-term strategies to attract and cater to Muslim travelers during the month of Ramadan over the next 15 years.

Destinations and businesses can use the report and segment their markets based on the following dimensions:


Geographical Segmentation

A total of 50 destinations were analyzed in this report based on the top 50 destinations from the MasterCard-CrescentRating GMTI 2016. With this, the report allows for positioning strategies based on the following geographical segmentation considerations:

  • Per Destination: The individual ranking and scores of each destination over the next 15 years can be viewed via the online interactive website at https://www.crescentrating.com/reports/mastercard-crescentrating-ramadan-travel-report-2016.html.
  • Saudi Arabia: The study analyses Saudi Arabia separately with respect to its Vision 2030.
  • OIC and non-OIC region: The report allows for a regional analysis of 30 Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member destinations and 20 non-OIC destinations.
  • Southeast Asia Destinations: The attractiveness of Southeast Asia destinations to attract Muslim travelers in Ramadan was found to change significantly in the course of the next 15 years.


Psychology and Lifestyle Segmentation

Beyond geographical segmentation analysis, the MasterCard-CrescentRating Ramadan Travel Report also allows for lifestyle segmentation based on the following considerations:

  • Umrah Travel: The need to perform Umrah will continue to be a key motivational driver for Ramadan travelers to Makkah.
  • Business Travel: Increase in globalization and commerce will result in real and differentiated needs of the business traveler in Ramadan.
  • Ramadan with Family: The need to connect with family members living overseas for long periods.
  • Ramadan Culture: The experiential learning associated with Ramadan being celebrated differently across the globe.
  • Extreme Weather or Duration: The ability to improve one’s fasting experience by travelling to regions in which weather and fasting duration during Ramadan is more bearable.
  • Impact of School Holidays: The motivation to travel with family when Ramadan coincides with the school holidays.


By considering these various segmentation dimensions and the insights shared in the report, businesses and destinations will be better equipped to target this niche segment of Ramadan travelers in the years to come.

Download the full MasterCard-CrescentRating Ramadan Travel Report 2016 here


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