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CrescentRating's Muslim-friendly hotel rating system

Apr 2015

Choosing an accommodation provider is one of the most crucial aspects of travel planning, for Muslim travellers in particular. There are several aspects that Muslim travellers need to check and verify before deciding on a hotel or resort - such as the availability of Halal food and prayer facilities. CrescentRating's proprietary hotel rating system helps make this decision making process simpler by rating hotels based on what they can offer Muslim guests.

CrescentRating rates the Muslim-friendliness of hotels on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. The main factors that are taken into consideration when rating a hotel are:

Halal Food: The availability of Halal food is an important factor when deciding on a rating. Hotels that are equipped with Halal-certified kitchens and Halal-certified restaurants with Halal menus are often able to serve Muslim guests better and tend to receive higher ratings.

Prayer Facilities: Several factors such as the availability of prayer facilities at the hotel – such as prayer mats, prayer timetables, Qiblah directions, etc. – and the proximity of the hotel to the nearest mosque are also taken into consideration when rating a hotel. High-rated hotels offer excellent prayer facilities for Muslim guests.

Ramadhan Services: Since Muslims who travel during the month of Ramadhan will require sufficient facilities, CrescentRating also looks at what services are offered by the hotel to them during this month. Basic necessities to break fast can be dates and water, while some hotels go further to offer guests special Ramadhan buffets.

Non-Halal Activities: The level of non-Halal activities is also a factor taken into consideration. Muslim guests generally prefer hotels that do not offer nightclubs, casinos and adult television channels. Some hotels offer guests swimming pools and spas with areas segregated for men and women, making them ideal for Muslim guests.

CrescentRated hotels with a rating of 1-3 are somewhat useful to Muslim guests with a basic level of facilities. Hotels with 4-5 ratings are more helpful and are better equipped to meet the needs of its Muslim guests. CrescentRated hotels with ratings of 6 or 7 are considered to be excellent Muslim-friendly hotel and are able to accommodate Muslim guests well.

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