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Why Muslim-friendly spas are a hit amongst Muslim travellers

Nov 2014


Though spas and wellness treatments are a favourite component of travel amongst many leisure travellers, most Muslim travellers are unable to experience spa treatments since a majority of spas and wellness centres around the world do not meet Islamic values and requirements. However, following the boom in Muslim-friendly travel, this is changing and many wellness centres as well as hotels with spa services are adapting their facilities in order to cater to Muslim travellers.

Such spas and wellness centres that do meet Islamic requirements are popularly known as Muslim-Friendly Spas or Islamic Spas and are specifically designed to offer Muslim travellers a transformational spa experience. They have gained immense popularity amongst Muslim travellers during the recent past and offer rich spiritual guidance in addition to its numerous treatments and therapies , while adhering to Islamic requirements at the same time.

CrescentRating awards such Islamic Spas with Muslim-friendly ratings that offer an indication of how well they cater to Muslim-specific needs. Spa ratings consist of two levels - “A” and “AA”. Spas with a rating of “A” adhere to Islamic requirements and are capable of providing Muslim guests a satisfactory spa experience, while spas with a rating of “AA” indicate that they are specifically targeted towards Muslims and go out of their way to offer Muslim guests the ultimate sensory experience.

Numerous aspects are looked into, before awarding a spa a Muslim-friendly rating. The level of privacy offered by the spa to male and female guests is one of the most important factors when deciding on its suitability as a Muslim-friendly spa. All CrescentRated spas offer separate areas for males and females, with “AA” rated spas providing fixed separate areas and “A” rated spas providing separate timings for males and females.

All CrescentRated spas also require all staff members to be professionally-qualified, with only female staff at the female section of the spa and only male staff at the male section of the spa. CrescentRated spas do not allow clients under the age of 18 and require the spa to be registered with the local authority and to obtain a licence from the authority to run the spa.

Other determining factors include the products used at the spa and whether Halal food is available, if food is served. “AA” rated spas only use Halal-certified products and organic products and offer Halal food within premises, with no alcohol served. Further, it is required that the staff at CrescentRated spas dress in attire that is compliant with Islamic requirements.

Getting a spa or wellness centre rated by CrescentRating informs potential Muslim customers that the spa is compliant with Islamic requirements and can be visited. More information is available on www.crescentrating.com.

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