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Why do you need Halal food in your restaurant?

Aug 2014

Starting any business can be a huge challenge and running a restaurant is one of the most challenging of all, yet it can also be one of the most rewarding and satisfying businesses in the world. Most restaurant owners are asking the question why they need to have halal food in their restaurant and the answer is that it helps them optimize the number of customers they serve and therefore it results in increased revenue.

The Muslim population is the fastest growing population in the world and since most countries have at least a small Muslim community it would definitely be smart to have halal options on the menu in order to draw this specific group of customers. Restaurateurs are starting to realize that catering to the demand of Halal food advantageous to all. 

Most destinations, travel related businesses and restaurants have realized that Muslim travellers are one of fastest growing travel market that they need to provided with better Muslim-friendly facilities in order to encourage these travelers to choose their destination. For many Muslim travelers one of the most pressing issues when traveling to countries that do not have a large Muslim community is finding halal restaurants and halal food.

With the internet, access to information is freely available for those who need to get information on any destination and therefore Muslim travelers tend to research the availability of halal food in the country prior to traveling to a destination, as the availability of halal food can play an important role in deciding on the holiday destination. These travelers mostly choose destinations that have a good selection of halal restaurants as opposed to those with no halal food, especially when they are traveling for leisure, because no one enjoys a holiday when they are unable to satisfy a basic human need such as food!

If you are planning on opening a halal restaurant or you already have a restaurant and you are planning to offer halal food, the best option is to contact the local Halal certification body for assistance and certification. It is of utmost important for the restaurant owners to fully understand the concept of Halal Food. Using meat and ingredient vendors that are halal certified is of utmost importance to ensure complete Halal integrity. The authenticity of the certificate should also be checked out prior to deciding on a vendor. Muslims generally have large families and when they dine out they tend to look for restaurants that are halal certified or Muslim owned. 

To be more competitive in the food industry it is important to be aware of the new trends and innovations in the industry. It is also a good idea to attend halal food expo conferences in order to stay ahead of the competition and provide your customer the best possible halal food.                    

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