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6 reasons why you should spend your next Holiday in Egypt.

Feb 2011

The following are 6 reasons why you should consider Egypt as your next holiday destination and contribute to its economy.

  1. Meet and greet the Egyptians who have peacefully brought about a new beginning to Egypt. Their peaceful engagement in the Tahrir Square for 18 days have shown the world a whole new way to bring about change. They also showed that the vast majority of ordinary people in Egypt do live together and respect each other, irrespective of their religious background, how they dress and whether they are rich or poor.
  2. Tourism is one of the key revenue generators for the economy. With approximately 12 million visitors in 2009, it was ranked 19th worldwide in the UN World Tourism Organization's (WTO) list of top travel destinations. According to initial reports, the estimated arrivals in 2010 were close to 15 million visitors. You can now contribute to make 2011 an even better year for Egypt.
  3. Visit the "cradle of civilazation". In 2009, at the World Travel Mart in London, Egypt launched its "Egypt: Where it all Begins" campaign to emphasize its place as the cradle of civilization. It indeed has historic sites to take you back thousands of years and make your visit a memorable one.
  4. Visit Tahrir Square which now has its proud place in history. Tahrir Square will now be remembered as the place that played a pivotal role in history. It can safely be said that it is the "Square" which has had the longest live TV coverage with a world wide audience (especially on Al Jazeera). The square has also given a new dimension to Egypt's tourism slogan of "Where it all Begins"
  5. Egypt
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