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Resorts World Cruises Sets Sail: Looking into Halal-Friendly and Eco-Conscious Practices on Cruises | Muslim-friendly Cruise Report 2024

Apr 2024

The Muslim travel sector is booming, and Resorts World Cruises (RWC) is charting a course to capture a significant share of this market. Their flagship, the Genting Dream, offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and environmental responsibility, redefining the Halal-friendly cruise experience.

Catering to Muslim Preferences: A Diverse Tapestry

Genting Dream's itinerary boasts a vibrant tapestry of destinations, including Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang. This caters to Muslim travelers from Southeast Asia, with RWC targeting markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Greater China. This focus fosters a rich cultural experience onboard, allowing passengers to connect with their heritage while exploring new destinations.

Beyond Cuisine: A Holistic Halal Experience

RWC doesn't just offer Halal-certified cuisine prepared in dedicated kitchens adhering to OIC/SMIIC standards. The Genting Dream provides a comprehensive experience that caters to Muslim religious practices and cultural sensitivities. Passengers have access to a dedicated prayer room, gender-segregated spa and pool services, and special menus for Ramadan. Additionally, the 24-hour medical center ensures the well-being of all passengers, regardless of background.

Striking a Balance: Diverse Needs and Unforgettable Experiences

RWC understands that Muslim travelers have diverse preferences. The Genting Dream offers over 35 food and beverage options, featuring not just Halal cuisine but also Asian and international fare. Entertainment options abound, with spectacular shows and enriching programs designed for families. The knowledgeable and multilingual staff ensures a welcoming atmosphere for Muslim guests, addressing language and cultural needs with expertise.

Positive Feedback: A Model for Success

RWC's strategic move into the Halal cruise market has proven successful. Over 20% of Genting Dream's passengers are Muslim, and guest feedback highlights the cruise line's ability to exceed expectations. Reviews praise the comprehensive Halal offerings, particularly the culinary options. Passengers appreciate the convenience and inclusivity of these services, which contribute to a truly enjoyable cruise experience. Recognizing the importance of understanding and catering to the Muslim community, RWC continuously innovates and strives for service excellence to meet the growing demand in this market. With the Muslim travel sector projected to reach 230 million arrivals and generate $225 billion in spending by 2028, RWC is poised to unlock significant possibilities.

Sailing Towards Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Practices

Despite being a relatively new player, RWC is taking significant strides toward eco-friendly practices. From hull optimization and scrubbers to advanced coatings and bio-waste treatment, the company minimizes its environmental impact across all operations. This commitment extends beyond compliance; it's a core value embedded in their vision for the future.

Responsible Tourism: Aligning with UN Goals

RWC goes beyond catering to cultural needs. They champion responsible cruise tourism by integrating Islamic and Muslim-friendly sustainability practices into their daily operations. These practices align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.

A Beacon of Inclusivity and Harmony

Resorts World Cruises is emerging not just as a leader in the Halal cruise market, but also as a pioneer of sustainable and responsible tourism. The Genting Dream transcends the boundaries of a typical cruise, offering a voyage that embraces cultural diversity while promoting environmental consciousness. As RWC sets sail into the future, they pave the way for a more inclusive and ecologically harmonious cruise experience.

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