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Dream Cruises World Dream: A Muslim-friendly World Class Cruise in Asia

Dec 2021

Dream Cruises World Dream has renewed its Muslim-friendly certification and rating. World Dream has been the go-to cruise liner for Muslims in the Asia Pacific because of its Halal-certified kitchen and Muslim-friendly amenities. For its second year, World Dream has earned a Crescent Rating of 5 based on the CrescentRating system.

The CrescentRating system rates the overall Halal-friendliness of cruises on a scale of one to seven - with one being the lowest rating and seven being the highest. A rating of 5 is awarded to cruise ships that are able to provide facilities or services such as Halal-certified food, prayer information and Muslim-friendly recreational facilities.

Out of the above, World Dream provides:

  • Halal-certified food
  • Designated prayer space along with prayer information
  • Various Muslim-friendly amenities

The Muslim-friendly amenities provided on the ship are as follows:

Halal buffet space with many dishes

Halal-certified Meals & Ramadhan services available on board

Halal food is essential for Muslim travelers. Tourism hospitality companies need to keep this in mind if they intend to market to Muslim consumers. World Dream has a designated Halal buffet at Lido and serves vegetarian options too. Food and beverages served are prepared from the Halal-certified kitchen. The designated central kitchen for Halal food and Halal butchery is certified by United World Halal Development (UNWHD).

Halal menu is available for room service. Halal meals are served with a designated Halal trolley for room service.

The liner provides Ramadhan-based services during the Muslim Holy month, Suhoor1 meals to rooms, and Iftar2 meals are prepared for those who are fasting.

Prayer facilities with prayer mat, Quran and digital compass for Qiblah

Prayer Facilities provided for Muslim Guests

To make praying more convenient for Muslim guests, World Dream has a designated Musollah space, with a segregated partition for male and female. The Musollah is located near the Medical Centre and washroom, for guests to take their ablution. The prayer space is equipped with prayer mats, prayer garments for ladies, Qur'an, prayer beads, and a digital compass for Qiblah direction. The digital compass can help determine the real-time Qiblah direction as the vessel moves.

The basketball court can be converted into a prayer space for large congregational prayers. Guests may request a prayer timetable from the front desk for their convenience.

spa facilities

Women-only services are available to meet Muslimah needs

World Dream has curated women-only experiences for Muslimahs to enjoy the cruise experience with a peace of mind, including:

  • The swimming pool has a separate timing usage policy for male and female guests
  • Separated spa & beauty parlour facilities
  • Modest swimwear is available for purchase at the spa

Muslimah guests can request for female staff assistance and can be assured that privacy will be granted. Likewise, guests can request Halal-friendly products for beauty services at the beauty parlour and spa.

medical centre

Medical Centre equipped to accommodate Muslim Guests

For guests who require medical attention, Muslimahs may ask for a female nurse or doctor, and Muslimins may ask for a male nurse or doctor. The medical centre will try its best to accommodate to the guest's request.

The liner has a detailed COVID-19 measures plan in the event of a potential COVID-19 outbreak on board.

Framed certifications on front desk

Staff are well-trained to serve Muslim Guests' faith-based needs

Dream Cruises World Dream staff underwent training by United World Halal Development (UNWHD) to cater and serve Muslim guests. The crew can answer guest queries regarding Qiblah direction, prayer timings, and Halal food.

If you want to learn more about World Dream, you can watch the highlights by clicking the play button below.

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1Suhoor: The morning meal taken before the beginning of the fasting period is called Suhoor. This is a very important meal for Muslims. It is best to take Suhoor as close as possible to the start of the fasting period.

2Iftar: The name given to the meal by which Muslims break their fast, at the Maghrib prayer time. At the time of Iftar, dates and water are generally consumed to break the fast.

View a glossary of Halal Travel terms here.

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