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Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet – A Luxurious Muslim-Friendly Retreat in Istanbul

Oct 2017

Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet has been awarded the highest rating of 7 by CrescentRating based on the level of Muslim-friendly facilities it offers to guests. This 5-star hotel is located 17km from Ataturk International Airport and is about 1km away from the Grand Bazaar.

Prayer facilities at the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet include the provision of prayer mats and female prayer clothing on request, with prayer timetables also available at the front desk. Prayer directions are marked in rooms, with prayer mats, prayer timetables and a Quran also available in the room. Additionally, a list of mosques that are located within the area can be provided on request.

Muslim guests will have extensive Halal dining options available since all food and beverages at the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is Halal certified, including snacks and drinks in the mini bar. All food is prepared in a Halal certified kitchen. The main restaurant within the hotel is Zeferan Restaurant that specialises in Azerberjani cuisine. Other dining options include the Sukkari Patisserie and Menzere Café. Halal banquets can also be arranged. The hotel also provides Halal room service and serves Halal breakfasts. 

Guests who choose to dine outside the hotel will be pleased to know there are Halal restaurants located within a 10-minute walking distance from the hotel. Halal restaurants are also located 5km away. Muslim guests can be provided with a list of Halal restaurants within the area on their request. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, arrangements for Halal Iftar and Suhoor can be made on request. The hotel can also make arrangements for guests to be taken to nearby mosques for Taraweeh prayers or Eid prayers.

Muslim guests can be assured that they will have a Muslim-friendly experience at Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet. The hotel staff are trained to attend to their requirements and female room attendants or stewardess can attend to female guests on request.

The ambiance and décor of the hotel accommodation feature Ottoman and traditional Turkish design in a comfortable environment. Accommodation options include Deluxe Rooms, Corner Suites, Family Suite and the Sultan Suite. The rooms have spacious, water-friendly washrooms. The hotel provides modern amenities for the guests’ convenience - free WIFI is available for all guests and there are no adult TV channels available in the rooms. The hotel also provides paid parking.

General facilities at the hotel include a common fitness centre and an outdoor pool. However, each facility has separate timings for male and female guests where privacy is ensured. The Afiya Spa is located within the hotel providing a variety of relaxing treatments for guests complete with sauna facilities and two indoor pools. The Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet does not serve or promote alcohol and there is no bar located within the hotel. Additionally, the establishment is not part of a gambling resort.


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