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Narita Airport Rest House - Muslim-friendly accommodation at Narita International Airport

Jan 2016

Located within the Narita International Airport premises, Narita Airport Rest House is the ideal option for Muslim travellers looking for accommodation close to the Narita Airport. It offers many facilities for Muslim travellers and has been awarded a Muslim-friendly rating of 4 by CrescentRating, based on how well it caters to its Muslim guests.

Prayer facilities at Narita Airport Rest House include prayer mats, prayer timetables, female prayer dresses and marked prayer directions in rooms. The hotel staff is also capable of providing guests more information and directions to the nearest mosques in the city.

For dining options, there are two Halal restaurants at the Narita Airport Terminal – Kineyamygimaru and Agetatenoaji, Tentei. Kineyamugimaru is located at the 5th floor of Terminal 1 while Agetatenoaji, Tentei can be found at the 4th floor of Terminal 2. Halal food served at the restaurants are supplied by TFK - which is equipped with a Halal-certified kitchen. More Halal restaurants are also available within walking distance of the airport for more dining options.

Other facilities for guests include free Wi-Fi internet access, meeting facilities, banquet recreation rooms and parking facilities.

For more information, please visit: https://www.crescentrating.com/japan-halal-friendly-hotels/2735-narita-airport-rest-house.html

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