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Enjoy a Muslim-friendly holiday in Phuket at Bangtao Beach Chalet Resort!

Dec 2015

Nestled in the midst of the enchantment of Thailand's world-renowned Phuket island, Bangtao Beach Chalet Resort is a stunning 3 star beach resort that offers ten secluded & beautifully designed chalets in a tropical garden. The resort has been awarded a Muslim-friendly rating of 6 by CrescentRating, making it an excellent option for Muslim travellers who wish to visit Phuket for a holiday.

Facilities for Muslim guests include prayer facilities such as a dedicated space for prayers, prayer timetables, prayer mats and female prayer dresses which are available on request. Rooms are also marked with prayer directions for guests who wish to pray in their room.

Alcohol is not served at Bangtao Beach Chalet Resort and all food served at the resort is Halal. The hotel is equipped with a Halal-certified kitchen that has been certified by Halal Authorized Organization, with all food prepared by a team of Muslim culinary experts. Several Halal restaurants are also located in close proximity to the resort for more dining options.

Other facilities and services include a massive outdoor swimming pool as well as complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi internet access. The resort is a 5-minute walk from Bangtao Bay, with plenty to do and see in the surrounding area.

For more information, please visit: https://www.crescentrating.com/hotel-detail/thailand/369/bangtao-beach-chalet-resort.html

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