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CrescentRating's Trusted Certification and Ratings for Muslim-Friendly Establishments

Apr 2023

The Muslim-travel market is a constantly growing industry. Tourism establishments sought by Muslim travelers require facilities that comply with a Muslim's day-to-day itinerary.

As an approach to rate the overall Halal-friendliness of tourism services, CrescentRating offers a reputable and globally-recognized independent rating and accreditation service specializing in Muslim-friendly travel services. Ratings and accreditations are highly trusted by an expanding audience of Halal-conscious leisure and business travelers, who rely on our insights to book establishments. CrescentRating assists in evaluating current offerings and provides impartial strategic recommendations for improvements aimed at attracting Halal-conscious Muslim travelers to your establishment. CrescentRating's policies adhere to rigorous and elevated standards, ensuring our rating services for hotels, restaurants, attractions, spa and wellness centers, tour operators, travel packages, and other entities reflect our commitment to quality.

CrescentRating of Facilities


CrescentRating offers a comprehensive rating system for hotels, assessing their overall level of Halal-friendliness on a scale ranging from one to seven, with seven representing the highest rating achievable. Accreditation registration for this program is available through the following link:


Successfully accredited participants who have completed the certification program will be showcased on CR Connect, a directory exclusively featuring CrescentRating Certified Halal Travel Market professionals.


CrescentRating provides valuable insight into the level of facilities offered by restaurants to Muslim diners. This rating system assesses the overall Halal-friendliness of restaurants, grading them on a scale from AAA to C, with AAA being the highest possible rating. Accreditation registration is available through this link:


Successful participants who have completed the certification program will receive the honor of being featured on CR Connect as well.

Other Services

Our highly-regarded Crescent Rating system can be utilized for the rating of other Muslim-friendly establishments beyond just hotels and restaurants. These services include airlines, shopping malls, hospitals, travel agents, activities, ferry terminals, tour guides, spa and wellness centers, attractions, tour packages, and MICE events and venues.

The process for attaining a CrescentRating for these services involves the following steps:

  1. Register and create an account on CrescentRating.
  2. Submit the application online.
  3. CrescentRating will review the application and provide a tentative rating.
  4. Payment for the annual rating services must be made.
  5. An in-person or virtual audit of the establishment will be conducted.
  6. CrescentRating will review the audit report and award the finalized rating.
  7. The establishment will be listed on the CrescentRating Member Directory and HalalTrip Crescent Rated establishment listing.
  8. The rating collaterals can be downloaded and displayed on marketing channels.
  9. HalalTrip will begin promotions of the establishment on various social media platforms.

The entire process can typically take anywhere from three to six weeks.

Benefits of being CrescentRated

Institutions that have been awarded a CrescentRating certification are afforded the opportunity for promotion on both the CrescentRating and HalalTrip websites. In addition, hotels, restaurants, and other services that have received such accreditation are also listed on these platforms for the purpose of showcasing their credentials.

For more information on CrescentRating's rating and accreditation services, please visit this page.

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