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Turkey to Host the First International Halal Tourism Congress to Share Expertise on Global Halal Travel

Nov 2016

The very first international Halal Tourism Congress will be held from 7th to 9th April 2017 in Marmaris, Turkey at the Angel’s Marmaris Hotel. The congress will bring together travel experts and academicians who will share their expertise on global Halal travel.

A panel of experts and keynote speakers will be focusing on Halal travel topics for discussion on further development of the global Halal travel industry - with presentations in both English and Turkish. CrescentRating is one of the knowledge partners of the Halal Tourism Conference 2016 - the founder and CEO of CrescentRating, Mr. Fazal Bahardeen will also be a keynote speaker at the event. The panel will provide opportunities to promote networking between businesses and academics – which includes the promotion of Halal tourism through effective advertising and marketing as well.

There will be opportunities to learn more about new strategies to introduce new products and services to promote Halal tourism so that Muslims travelers will have easier access to Halal facilities, accommodation, recreation and more. Some of the most important factors that will be focused on will include how important Halal tourism is to the travel industry - as there has been an increase in Muslim tourists to different parts of the world.

The Halal Tourism Congress 2017 is inviting academicians from around the world to submit papers on a range of topics on Halal tourism and subjects related to this industry - the accepted papers will be published in the congress journal. Additionally, after an evaluation process, some of the papers will be published in the following journals:

  • Journal of International Social Researchers
  • Journal of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Bartin University
  • Journal of Social Sciences of Afyon Kocatepe University
  • International Journal of Turkish World Tourism Studies

The deadline for submissions is 2nd January 2017 and the accepted papers will be announced on 30th January 2017.The registration fee will be 100 USD for all attendees or participants and 75 USD for master students. All authors who gain acceptance to present their papers will be provided with free accommodation at the Angel’s Marmaris Hotel.

For more information and the regulations regarding paper submissions, please visit the Halal Tourism Congress 2017 website: www.halaltourismcongress.com/?page_id=11&lang=en


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