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Meet the New Faces of Crescentrating

Aug 2011

Azhar (Preena) will be looking at further developing Crescentrating's products and services as well as developing partners to work with Crescentrating worldwide. Having recently graduated from Aston Business School (Birmingham) U.K with an MSc, Azhar also holds a BA (Hons) in Business Administration from the Staffordshire University U.K. An avid follower of Cricket, Azhar has represented both, his school and university, at the sport. You can reach Azhar at [email protected].

Shahnaz (Zakkir) is a writer at heart, and has been involved in the publications of many books and articles. Her work has been published in the USA, Qatar, Bangladesh, as well as in Sri Lanka. Shahnaz has also been small business owner most of her life, as she has run a chain of Dollar Stores in the U.S.A. since 2002. At Crescentrating, she will lead the Content Management, Social Media and Marketing activities. You can reach Shahnaz at [email protected].

Zulkifl (Safavi) is a Hafiz of Qur'an and is in the process of sitting for his acceptance to obtain an MA in Quranic Studies at the Al Azhar University in Cairo. He also has recently completed a CCNA Course. Zulkifl will work on Content Management at Crescentrating. He aims to be honest, truthful and sincere in all aspects of life. You can reach Zulkifl at [email protected].

Ahamed (Mahmoor) is an IT Undergraduate reading for the membership of The British Computer Society. He also serves as a voluntary teacher in one of the Islamic Sunday schools and considers Da'wa & Sadakathul Jariyah as definite values in his life. Joining Crescentrating, he believes that he can contribute to the growing Halal Travel & Tourism Industry which will in turn be benificial for Muslim travelers around the world. At Crescentrating, he will work on Content Management. You can reach Ahamed at [email protected].

With these additional new faces at Crescentrating, we will all Insha Allah strive to make our vision of "enabling Muslims to explore the world with peace of mind" a reality.

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