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Qiblah Direction & Prayer Times - Straight From Your Crescentrated Hotel!

Jul 2011

Crescentrating now brings you a feature which allows you to find the Qiblah direction and prayer times for any Crescentrated Hotel! Are you on vacation and want to know the direction in which you should pray or the accurate times? If you are staying in a Crescentrated Hotel, visit www.crescentrating.com, find the page of the hotel which are you staying in and click on the "Qiblah Direction and Prayer Times" button found on the lower right hand side. Voila! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... with Crescentrating's new Qiblah Direction & Prayer Times feature!

This feature calculates your exact position and pinpoints the direction of the Qiblah no matter which hotel you are in. It also lists the local prayer times, making it easy for you while you travel. Whether in Singapore or in the United Arab Emirates, utilize this feature during all your future travels.

How do I obtain the Qiblah Direction & Prayer Times for my hotel?

1. On the main page, HOTELS will be listed on the navigational panel. Once clicked, a list of countries will be listed on the right-hand navigational panel. Choose the country you are in.

2. Search for the Hotel through the "Search Hotel" box on the main page.

3. Once you find the hotel you are in, click on its Crescentrating page. There will be a Qiblah Direction and Prayer Times button. This feature will automatically identify your location and provide you with the information necessary for you to pray no matter where you are.

You can also use our Qiblah Direction and Prayer Times module to check for Qiblah Direction and Prayer times of any place in the world. Just go to the "Qiblah Direction and Prayer Times" link on top of the page. Once in the page, just enter your address!

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