Training and Certification for the Halal/Muslim Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Segment

Market Awareness workshops and seminars

Understanding the Muslim travel market is key to unlocking the opportunities it presents to all sectors of the travel industry. We have conducted workshops and seminars in more than 20 countries to help prepare businesses and organizations to unlock this potential. The workshop modules include

  • Muslim consumer market and Halal concepts

  • Muslim travel market and opportunities

Training and certification - Attracting, developing and retaining talent

The emerging and rapidly growing market of Muslim travel will place high requirement for qualified talent. Travel service providers need to evaluate their current and future needs for skilled staff. Acquiring and retaining talent is a key challenge amongst business and organizations in the travel and hospitality industry. We enable organisations to develop and foster the growth of human resource talent through an extensive suite of training and certification programs to better service the Halal/Muslim travel & tourism market.

Our solutions range from straightforward workshops through to a fully blended organisation-wide learning programmes. We have access to one of the largest resource of existing learning content and subject matter expertise.

We adopt a rigorous methodology to analysis, design, develop, implement, evaluate and monitor the process, to ensure that our learning solutions address complex business challenges and deliver real results. Current areas of learning programs available include:

  • Service excellence training for customers service staff at hotels, travel agents and tour operators, Destination Management Companies (DMC), airports, cruise terminals, railway stations, airlines, attraction, shopping malls and other hospitality related services

  • Certification programs for travel agents staff, hotel staff & other hospitality related services

  • Halal culinary workshops for chefs

  • Product development for the Muslim Travel market

Online Assessment Tools

CrescentRating also provides a user-friendly online assessment tools for business and organization to assess the current knowhow of their staff catering to the Muslim travellers. On completion of the assessment, a tailored training program can be designed for the organization.

Our Experts

Fazal Bahardeen

Fazal is a thought leader and the world’s leading authority on the Muslim Travel Market. He has spoken at many International conferences on the Muslim Travel Market and is a much sort after expert by the International media.

Anas Kasak

Anas offers Strategic Communications advice and Brand Building expertise across a number of industries which include Islamic Finance, Investment Banking, Real Estate, Lifestyle and Halal Tourism.

Munshif Hussain

Founder of Lifeskills Training & Consulting. Designed and conducted over 4000 training and consultancy sessions. Most sought after presenter at conferences.

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