Spring Flow Pavilion

The second floor of our establishment houses countless private boxes for you and your associates to enjoy a private dining experience. Each room is named after traditional Chinese solar-terms and a ...

Aladdin Restaurant

Aladdin Restaruant in Leofoo Village Theme Park. Welcome to Taiwan and Leofoo Village to enjoy fun and food.

Middle East Halal Kitchen

We are a Muslim Friendly Restaurant at the food court of the Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1. We serve food made in our own separate Kitchen and use separate utensils which are also wash s ...

E-taiwan Halal Restaurant

e Taiwan restaurant offers 100% Halal Chinese and miditerranean food at very reasonable price to its customers.

Ice Monster Eslite Ximen

ICE MONSTER Eslite Ximen is restaurant certified Muslim-friendly by The Chinese Muslim Association (CMA).

Only Halal food is served and no alcohol is served and allowed in premises.  ...

Chang's Beef Noodles Shop



Champs Elysees 2

Champs Elysees serves the food from morning to evening. A wide variety of cuisine can satisfy different request, and we also required a Muslim Friendly Restaurant certificate from Chinese Muslim As ...

Chen Lili Restaurant

Providing fantastic indonesia style food and serving all facilities under the principals of Islam.

(prayer room and clean facilities)

I River - Ambassador Hotel

Discover a fresh twist to the classic buffet dining experience at the new poolside restaurant i River of Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung.

The nautical-themed, all-day restaurant focuses on org ...

Wo Restaurant

Featuring a 24-hour front desk and modern-style rooms, HOTEL WO is located in Kaohsiung, only a 3-minute walk from Love River. Shopping options like TALEES Department Store and HANSHIN Department s ...

Heat' N Chill

Heat’N Chill is adjacent to the Lobby and our very own spectacular “Dream Lake”. The modernistic spread features an extensive selection of the world’s best flavors for break ...

Banquet A

The luxurious Starlight Banquet Hall/Chinese Restaurant is perfect for hosting a wide range of gatherings, including graduation parties, year-end dinners, business meetings, etc.

Classic ...

Fortunate Restaurant

We provide our guests a bright, clean, and comfortable dining environment. A wide variety of cuisine will also give you a wonderful dining experience.

Ding Xian 101 Gourmet Restaurant

Ding Xian 101 Gourmet Restaurant takes up the entire 86th floor of the international landmark - Taipei 101 Tower. Diners take in the spectacular views of city laid out far below and the surrounding ...

The Red Castle

Red Castle, also known as Da-Guan-Lo, took four and a half years to complete (1895-1899). Red Castle is built on the top of the hill. There are 106 stairs leading up from the entrance below to the ...

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