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Aladdin Restaurant



Aladdin Restaruant in Leofoo Village Theme Park. Welcome to Taiwan and Leofoo Village to enjoy fun and food.

Type of Food Outlet


Halal Certification Body

Chinese Muslim Association

Opening and Closing Hours

11:00 AM -

Popular Dishes

  • Child set(Fried chicken leg with curry sauce)
  • Deep fried king oyster with sweet and sour sauce
  • Grilled chicken leg with Cabusa herbs
  • Stewed mutton with olive and fermented bean


  • no alcohol served

Staff Language

  • Chinese
  • English




No.60 Gungtzgou, Renan Li, Guanshi Jen 30648, Hsin CountyHsinchu CountyTaiwan30648

Leofoo Village Theme Park

Aladdin Restaurant

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