President Hotel

Hotel or Accommodation Features

Set in the exclusive Bantry Bay neighborhood in Cape Town, nestled between the Lion’s Head mountain range and rugged coastline, the President Hotel offers sweeping views across the Atlantic Ocean. It is a stone’s throw from the buzzing V&A waterfront district. Guests can take advantage of the hotel’s outdoor infinity swimming pool, a well-appointed gym and intimate spa, an exclusive sundowner rooftop drinks terrace, and indulge in a wide range of on-property restaurant offerings. 

President Hotel is awarded a Crescent Rating of 5 for providing Muslim-friendly facilities and services, ensuring Muslim guests' faith-based needs are met. Prayer facilities such as the prayer room, prayer mat, and prayer timetable can be provided upon request, and prayer direction is marked in the room. Muslim guests need not worry about food and dining because the resort offers Halal breakfast and room service with a Halal menu. In addition, there are many Halal restaurants nearby the resort for guests to venture into.

Hotel Halal Dining

At the President Hotel, we understand our guests' dietary needs/requirements/restrictions, and we try our best to cater to them. If we’re not equipped to cater to specific needs, we have certified and experienced external service providers.

A la carte Dining
The President Hotel is not a certified Halal hotel. However, we try to be respectful. Our beef, lamb, ostrich, fish, chicken, and dairy are sourced from certified Halal suppliers. We do have pork products on the menu. Non-Halal menus are not prepared with or in the same utensils and are not stored together. However, they’re ready within the same kitchen, at different preparation stations.

Our Botany Cafe
The meals (salads, baguettes, and wraps) are all prepared in a while-you-watch kitchen and do not contain non-Halal products.
If guests wish to have a strictly Halal meal, we can source this from an external service provider at an extra cost - we require 48 hours’ notice.
We serve alcohol on the property at the Senate and Deck Bar. All dietaries are marked on our menus, and guests may speak to our chef about any special requirements.

Breakfast Buffet
We have two egg/omelette stations – one catering to vegetarians and those who prefer 'no pork.' Other areas are marked 'No Pork Products Used.'

We are happy to accommodate special dietary requests in our kitchen for events, or we can outsource certified Halal caterers. We try to keep the menu as inclusive as possible for all hotel events, such as our afternoon teas, braai days, or Sunday lunch. Where we cannot cater fully Halal, we try to display and serve dishes separately and ensure that all staff is well trained to advise guests.

List of nearby Halal / Muslim-friendly Restaurants
Atlantic Express Train Restaurant - 1b Regent Rd, Sea Point
Biesmiellah Restaurant - 2 Wale St & Pentz St Bo-Kaap
Mariams Kitchen ForeShore - 31 Heerengracht St, Foreshore
Beyti Middle Eastern Restaurant - 253 Main Rd, Sea Point
EatStanbul - 64 Kloof St, Gardens
Syriana Restaurant - 345 Bellevue Rd, Sea Point
Montasio - 126 Main Rd, Sea Point
Nando’s – 66 Main Rd, Sea Point
Bukhara - 33 Church St, Cape Town
Andalousse Moroccan Restaurant - 72 Regent Rd, Sea Point

Prayer Facilities

  • Female prayer dress available on request
  • List of nearby mosques can be provided on request
  • Male and female prayer rooms can be made available on request
  • Prayer direction marked in room
  • Prayer mats can be provided on request
  • Prayer time table available at the front desk or room

Halal Food Services

  • All Snacks and drinks in the room/Mini bar are Halal
  • Halal banquets can be arranged on request
  • Halal restaurants within 5 kilometers from the hotel
  • Hotel can serve Halal breakfast
  • Hotel can serve Halal room service
  • List of nearby Halal restaurants can be provided on request

Ramadhan Facilities

  • Halal Iftar can be arranged
  • Halal Sahoor can be arranged on request
  • Hotel can arrange the guest to be taken to the nearby mosque for Taraweeh prayers
  • Hotel will arrange the guest to be taken to the nearby mosque for Eid prayers

Non-Halal Activities

  • Hotel does not have a discotheque
  • Hotel is not part of a gambling resort
  • No adult TV channels in the room

Recreational Facilities

  • Hotel has separate timings for gym usage for females (with privacy)
  • Hotel has separate timings for gym usage for males (with privacy)


  • Hotel can serve Kosher food on request
  • Hotel can serve vegetarian food on request
  • Stewardess available to attend to female guest upon request

Internet, Activities and Parking

  • Wifi (free)
  • Fitness Centre (common)
  • Spa And Wellness Center
  • Outdoor Pool (common)
  • Children's Playground
  • Car Parking (charges Apply)

President Hotel

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