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Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa

Hotel or Accommodation Features

Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa is a four-star family-friendly safari destination just 2 hours drive from Cape Town. The 10,000-hectare conservancy is situated between the Langeberg and the Outeniqua Mountains in the Western Cape, South Africa, and home to the majestic Big 5 Legends: Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, and Rhino.

Game drives are offered on traditional safari vehicles, on horseback, or on quad bikes. Each of these offering its very own unique personal encounters with the wildlife at the reserve. Guests also have the opportunity to experience a fly-in safari by helicopter.

The reserve has a large swimming pool with a poolside bar, serving cocktails and ice-cold beverages for socials around the 35m long crystal clear pool. There are large dedicated dining areas and an African-style restaurant that serves local cuisine and traditional South African dessert. Furthermore, overnight visitors can relax in the dedicated mezzanine-level bar and lounge with magnificent reserve views. 

Having always embraced Muslim travelers, Aquila offers on-site prayer facilities. The Salah prayer room is equipped with basin and water-friendly services, prayer mats, the Quran, and seating for the elderly.

Aquila has a curio shop and children’s entertainment area with mini-golf, big chess, and childcarers. Children also have the opportunity to join rangers on a fascinating Junior Ranger Programme.

The night time fire pit transforms into a social gathering under the Karoo stars. Here, guests share their stories and safari photos while enjoying a Marshmallow braai. They are also entertained by a stargazing guide and telescopes that bring the magic of the Milky Way to the fire pit.

The Tranquila Spa adds to the world-class facilities and services on offer. Here, visitors can enjoy a luxurious African treatment and unwind after an action-packed day. The spa boasts a heated indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna, steam room, and ten treatment rooms; it is a masterpiece of luxury. A group or couples room adds to the special serenity of the spa and its creative use of natural elements. 

Accommodation is offered in various styles. Guests can opt for the bush-style cottages with outdoor rock showers or the modern-style Aquila Lodge with great vistas over the Reserve. Formats include rooms for two people up to accommodation for families of four, six, or eight. Accommodation includes welcome drinks, lunch, dinner, and breakfast as well as two traditional safaris. 

Many awards and accolades over the years have reaffirmed Aquila’s conservation and community upliftment projects. The reserve most recently received the Skal International Sustainable Tourism Award for its various projects and policies that find the perfect balance between tourism, conservation, and the community.

Included in the Aquila safari experience is a complimentary eco-synergy project tour. Here, guests learn about Aquila’s projects to offset its carbon footprint - including recycling, solar energy, aquaponics, and many other green projects.

Aquila is so much more than just an unforgettable wildlife experience. It is a luxurious African adventure that will make memories to last a lifetime.

Hotel Halal Dining

While Aquila offers bar service, there are no pork or alcohol used in the kitchen and all food suppliers are Halal certified. Therefore, all meals are Halal.


  • Staff trained on Muslim guest requirements

Prayer Facilities

  • List of nearby mosques can be provided on request
  • Male and female prayer rooms available in the hotel
  • Male and female prayer rooms can be made available on request
  • Prayer direction marked in room
  • Prayer time table available at the front desk or room

Halal Food Services

  • Halal banquets can be arranged on request
  • Hotel can serve Halal breakfast
  • Hotel can serve Halal room service
  • Hotel has a restaurant assured halal by the management
  • All Snacks and drinks in the room/Mini bar are Halal
  • All F&B in the Hotel is Halal

Sanitary Facilities

  • Rooms toilets are fitted with bidet
  • Rooms toilets are fitted with hand shower

Ramadhan Facilities

  • Halal Iftar can be arranged
  • Halal Sahoor can be arranged on request
  • Hotel can arrange the guest to be taken to the nearby mosque for Taraweeh prayers
  • Hotel will arrange the guest to be taken to the nearby mosque for Eid prayers

Non-Halal Activities

  • Hotel does not have a discotheque
  • Hotel is not part of a gambling resort
  • No adult TV channels in the room


  • Female room attendants
  • Hotel can serve Kosher food on request
  • Hotel can serve vegetarian food on request
  • Stewardess available to attend to female guest upon request
  • Quran available in the room

Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa

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