Farook Kassim (Member of Board of Advisors)

Farook Kassim is a Harvard alumni and a successful Dubai-based entrepreneur with an international network of business interests. He is the Founder and Managing Director of al bogari Holdings.

al bogari Holdings is an innovative, trading and investment firm. Established in 1974 the firm has been characterized by strong, consistent, year-on-year growth and is ranked as one of the world's largest dates fruit traders. al bogari Holdings' commercial interest has since evolved into 3 principal businesses: al bogari Commodities, a niche trader of agricultural commodities; al bogari Capital, a private investment arm that invests in private equity, public equity markets and other Sharia-compliant products, and al bogari Islamic Gold, a Sharia-complaint precious metals trading firm.

Headquartered out of its offices in Dubai, al bogari Holdings taps into a diverse international network that provides access to both opportunities and resources.

Farook is also the head of Dubai Food Group; board member of World Memon Organization (Middle East) since it's inception in 2001; director of Albaraka Bank (South Africa) and Expolanka Holdings Ltd.

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