Mazulu Halal Beef Noodle

Halal restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

Naritaya Asakusa

Halal restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

Ayam-ya Nanba

Halal restaurant in Tokyo,Japan

Ayam-ya Karasuma Kyoto

Halal restaurnat in Tokyo,Japan

Ayam-ya Kyoto

Halal restaurant in Kyoto, Japan.

Naritaya Osakaminami

Halal restaurant in Osaka, Japan

Ayam-ya Okachimachi

Halal restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

Curry House Cocoichibanya Halal Akihabara

Halal restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

Halal Kobe Beef Nagomi

We are only one place in the world as Halal Kobe beef restaurant. We offer only one menu, "Halal Kobe Beef Steak Course". We are open by reservation only so please make a booking from our ...

Shinjyukugyon Ramen Ouka

We only use halal ingredients. No alcohol. Halal certificate. English speaker owner. We want many muslims to enjoy our halal ramen without any worry.

Mazulu Tokyo Station Branch

Halal restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

Nearby prayer space can be found ...


Halal restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

Halal Ramen & Dining Honolu Ebisu

Halal restaurant in Tokyo,Japan

Halal Ramen Honolu Osaka

Halal restaurant in Tokyo,Japan

Nabil Amer

Halal Food Plaza Nabi San, since 2001, we are committed to serve 100% Halal meals, for Muslim Community local and visitors. We serve authentic Indian food and Egyptian food. Our restaurant No Alcoh ...

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