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Los Almendros Restaurant



We are a Halal restaurant in Cordoba, Spain, situated just 8 minutes from Madinat Al-Zahra archaeological centre, in Córdovan mountains. We have Halal menu and menus for groups. One of our kitchen staff  is Muslim. We have big saloons and a prayer Area. We are friendly with the Muslim tourism.

This year, we had obtained the Halal Guarantee Certification that is given by the Halal Institute of the Islamic Committee after a certification process in where we have successfully overcome an audit,

We are a small family company founded in 1991, Three generations of working hard every day to obtain the best restaurant service.

Near the restaurant there are hiking paths that are signposted you can do it  in groups or individually.

Type of Food Outlet


Halal Certification Body

Instituto Halal Spain Junta Islamica

Opening and Closing Hours

12:30 PM


  • Steak & Grill

Popular Dishes

  • Salads


  • only serve seafood
  • alcohol served
  • prayer facility available/nearby
  • wudu facilities available/nearby
  • indoor air conditioned seating
  • indoor seating
  • outdoor seating
  • wheelchair access
  • free wifi
  • restrooms
  • parking in premises

Staff Language

  • English
  • Spanish




Carretera De Trassierra km.8, 14011 Córdoba, España14011

Los Almendros Restaurant

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