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Mabroc Bubble Tea

$LKR 250


Mabroc Bubble Tea brings you a fun filled drink blended with the lavish goodness of pure Ceylon Tea. Beckoned by the bustling adventures of city life, our refreshing bubbly beverages give you the ultimate drinking-snack, on the go!

We offer a fun filled range of hot and cold Chocolate Teas, Fruit Teas, Snow Sorbets,Milkshakes, Kidsdrinks, Herbal Teas and More! Top up your beverage with an animated assortment of fresh Tapioca Bubbles, Popping Bubbles and scrumptious Jellies for an exciting bubbly experience!

Type of Food Outlet


Halal Certification Body

Taipei Grand Mosque (Taiwan)

Opening and Closing Hours

10:00 AM


  • only halal food served
  • alcohol not allowed in premises
  • no alcohol served
  • prayer facility available/nearby
  • wudu facilities available/nearby
  • indoor air conditioned seating
  • indoor seating
  • outdoor seating
  • wheelchair access
  • restrooms
  • parking in premises

Staff Language

  • English
  • Sinhala


076 570 3030


R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri LankaSri Lanka00700

Mabroc Bubble Tea

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