The Indonesia Muslim Travel Index (IMTI) 2023, a collaboration between CrescentRating, Perkumpulan Pariwisata Halal Indonesia (PPHI), and Bank Indonesia, positions the nation as a top Halal Tourism destination. Building on the foundation set by the Mastercard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) since 2015, the IMTI has expanded its evaluation to 15 provinces, up from ten in its previous editions. This report uses the ACES framework, mirroring the GMTI's approach, to gauge each province's readiness for Muslim tourists. Emphasizing Halal tourism's role in Indonesia's economic growth, the IMTI provides insights to enhance tourism services, urging the development of diverse offerings tailored for Muslim travelers. This joint effort aims to boost Indonesia's Halal tourism competitiveness, capitalizing on the sector's vast potential for economic expansion.

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