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8 Ramadan Destinations for 2013

Crescentrating's Pick of 8 Destinations to spend your Ramadan Holidays in 2013

Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayers, charity and bonding. For those who are planning to spend the Ramadan away from home, last year we covered 10 destinations in "Ramadan Holidays -10 Destinations to Spend in 2012". Here are 8 more destinations to look at this year in addition to the 10 destinations we listed last year.

1. Penang - Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best destinations to spend your Ramadan. Apart from KL, Penang which is an island, will leave you chilled and relaxed with the Ramadan atmosphere felt throughout the island. Here the Ramadan market spurs up in the streets selling all things needed for breaking fast. When the Muezzin calls for breaking the fast; thats when the day starts in the island. From performing prayers with easy access to Masjids to recitation to amazing Halal food, Penang will not dissapoint you.

2. Tunis Tunisia

Tunis is a beautiful city with its unique identity and old world charm intact and yet modern in its own sense. Here the past and the present juxtaposes to marvel of tourists. The availability of Halal food and Mosques will make sure you have a pleasant Ramadan. With seas and other attractions around that you could relax after Iftaar this place is the one for a enchanting Ramadan.

3. Doha - Qatar

Doha is an amazing city and so much more so during Ramadan. Being a Muslim majority country the whole schedule resets for the month. Restaurants, malls, sight seeing places all operate on a different timing during this month. Food is available for Iftaar and Suhoor in major restaurants. Some of the sight seeing places open during the night. All Masjids will have many individual and collective activities for reaping the rewards of this month.

4. Alexandria - Egypt

Alexandria in Egypt, founded by Alexander in the 330 BC, has come a long way from its Greco Roman Heritage. Today it is one of the most visited cities in Egypt. Here you know its Ramadan when you see the streets and houses being decorated with lights and special Ramadan Lanterns hanging everywhere. Ramadan is celebrated with market places opening after Iftaar and street performances marking the Ramadan month as it passes by.

5. Cape Town - South Africa

Cape Town South Africa is no doubt one of the most beautiful cities surrounded by mountains and beaches. There is a large population of Muslims living in Cape Town. It is also various Madrasas. There are many Mosques (masjids) around the Bo Kaap area and Signal Hill. There are prayer facilities even for the females in the Mosque (masjid). Halal food is also easily available. The Ramadan month spent in prayers amidst the wonderful scenic beauty of nature will make you marvel and thank Allah SWT for his blessings.

6. Delhi India

Delhi is filled with landscapes of the historical Mughal architecture from Red Fort, Qutub Minars and other places marking the Islamic presence of the city since 1000 AD. Ramadan here is a much celebrated month with Tarawih prayers, Quranic recitals and specialty food made only during this month. Iftaar is filled with a variety of food and the Old Delhi Area opposite to the famous Jama Masjid is a food Haven for Muslims. Most of the restaurants here are operated by Muslim owners and Halal. In Muslim localities like Nizammudin, Jamia Nagar shops are closed only after midnight and markets are filled with stalls selling all kind of Ramadan specialty items like beads, attars, prayer mats, foods, apparels, crafts and etc..

7. Singapore

Singapore is a wonderful Island with loads of places to see and visit. The Malay Quarter Geylang Serai lights up with festivity in the air with Ramadan specialty food, market place thronging with Ramadan goodies only for this one month of the year. A mini Bazaar also crops up on Kampung Glam near Sultan Mosque. Many Restaurants even offer Iftar Combos during this month and they are frequented by both Muslims and Non - Muslims alike to get the taste of the specialty food during Ramadan.

8. Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Australia is another destination catering to the Muslims during Ramadan. With pleasant weather and shorter fasting hours Golden Coast in Australia has catered to the Muslim communities needs. The Gold Coast Islamic Center in Arundel, the only Mosque in Gold Coast Australia host a lot of Islamic activities like Qiraat, Quran Recital, Tarawih and etc. The Iftar here is also served from local community with dishes coming from more than 40 Nations. Special Halal Butchers and Restaurants are also organized during this month. The diversity of the global muslim community is very evident here, with men and women from different parts of the globe breaking their fast and praying side by side.

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