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Top 10 Halal Friendly Airports 2013

Crescentrating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking 2013 Top Halal Friendly Airports for 2013,In our series of CRaHFT Ranking for 2013, for the 2nd year running, we are pleased to release our ranking of Top 10 Halal Friendly Airports in two categories; OIC member states and Non-OIC Countries.

Although many airports arebegining to take into account the needs of the growing segment of Muslim travellers, lot more can be done in order to make these travellers comfortable at the Airport as well as ensuring a larger share of their expenditure at the airport. Having better airport services for this segment is not only imprtant for visitors to the destination, but also for the airport to become a preferred transit airport.

The two key services for airports to cater to Muslim travelers are Halal food and prayer rooms. More and more airports are now providing prayer facilities (either muslim prayer rooms or multi-denomination prayer rooms) in either the transit or the public area. However not many still provide these facilities in both the transit and public areas of the airport. Further, only a minority of them still provide proper ablution facilities.

When it comes to Halal food services at Airports, many of them fall short, especially in the non-OIC countries. This is both a major inconvienence for the travellers as well as a lost revenue opportunity for the Airports!

The key crieria for our ranking of airports for Halal friendliness is the availability of Halal food, prayer & ablution facilities and the quality of service (at transit and public areas of the airport).

For the second year running, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Kuala Lumpur) tops our list in the OIC category andSuvarnabhumi International Airport (Bangkok) stays on top of the list in the non-OIC category. For more information on these airports please visit our Airports section

CRaHFT Ranking of top 10 Halal Friendly Airports in OIC category


Halal Friendly Airports (OIC countries)Ranking
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Kuala Lumpur) 1
Dubai Internationa Airport (Dubai) 2
Abu Dhabi International Airport (Abu Dhabi) 3
Ataturk International Airport (Istanbul) 4
King Khalid International Airport (Riyadh) 5
Soekarna-Hatta International Airport (Jakarta) 6
Doha International Airport (Doha) 7
Cairo International Airport (Cairo) 8
Queen Alia International (Amman) 9
King Abdul Azeez Internatonal (Jeddah) 10

CRaHFT Ranking of top 10 Halal Friendly Airports in non-OIC category


Halal Friendly Airports (non-OIC countries)Ranking
Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Bangkok) 1
Changi International Airport (Singapore) 2
Manchester Airport (Manchester) 3
Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong) 4
OR Tambo International (Johannesburg) 5
Munich Franz Joseph Strauss Airport (Munich) 6
London Heathrow (London) 7
Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo) 8
John F Kennedy Airport (New York) 9
Melbourne Airport (Melbourne) 10

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