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Crescentrating's Top Halal Friendly Shopping Destinations for 2013

Crescentrating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking 2013 Top Halal Friendly Shopping Destinations for 2013,Planning your Shopping trip for 2013? Here are Crescentrating's selection of the top Halal friendly shopping destinations for you to choose from for 2013!

We are pleased to announce the top 10 Halal friendly holiday destinations in two categories this year; OIC and non-OIC destinations (OIC-Organization of Islamic Cooperation)

The ranking was based on our view of it being a good shopping destination for 2013 and the level of Halal food availability, prayer facilities, etc. at the main shopping districts of the destination.

Shopping Destinations (OIC countries)Ranking "CRaHFT2013-Top-Ten-Halal-Friendly-Shopping-destinations-OIC"
Dubai 1
Kuala Lumpur 2
Istanbul 3
Jeddah 4
Cairo 5
Abu Dhabi 6
Doha 7
Jakarta 8
Amman 9
Bali 10
Shopping Destinations (non-OIC countries)Ranking "CRaHFT2013-Top-Ten-Halal-Friendly-Shopping-destinations-non-OIC"
Singapore 1
Delhi 2
London 3
Bangkok 4
Mumbai 5
Johannesburg 6
Hong Kong 7
New York City 8
Melbourne 9
Barcelona 10

Top 10 - OIC Shopping Destinations

Dubai is on top of our Shopping ranking this year as well! Dubai, KL and Istanbul are shopping destinations which have enough to satisfy any shopoholic! Jeddah is also now becoming a shopping destination due to the increasing number of Muslims travelling for Hajj and Umrah. Cairo has always been a shopping destination for centuries and still continues to provide its unique shopping experience. Abu Dhabi and Doha are up and coming new shopping destinations. These are followed by Jakarta, Amman and Bali which complete our top 10 in the OIC category. All these 10 destinations have enough Halal Food services and prayer facilities around the shopping districts and Malls, so that you can shop till you drop (on your knees to thank for the blessings!).

Top 10 - Non-OIC Shopping Destinations

Singapore tops the list in this category as well. Almost all Shopping Malls in Singapore have a number of Halal food outlets. Delhi, London, Bangkok, Mumbai, Johannesburge, Hong Kong, NYC, Melbourne and Barcelona offer only limited Halal food options in their shopping districts. They are of course great shopping destinations, however, for shoppers wanting to spend hours in these destinations, finding a place to perform Salaath is an issue. Most of them do not have prayer rooms either in the malls or their main shopping districts.

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