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Top 10 Halal Food Blogs/ Sites for 2012

Crescentrating presents its Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking for the Top 10 Halal Food Blogs/ Sites in 2012!


The dictionary defines the word food' as "any nourishing substance that is eaten or drunk to sustain life, provide energy and promote growth", but what the dictionary doesn't tell you is that food also brings families and friends together, incites new sensations, and offers people a simple way of experiencing a culture.

This is the first year that we have included this category in our CRaHFT Ranking and hope to make it part of our annual ranking. There were more than 30 Halal Food blogs which were nominated this year and we had more than 36,000 votes spread across them.

These 10 food blogs/ sites, out of thousands of pages which discuss the latest culinary concoctions and techniques, share great recipes and reviews so that everyone can attempt to master the art of cooking and suggest various Halal food products for consumers worldwide. After much consideration, and passionate voting by our readers, we are excited to present to you Crescentrating's Top 10 Halal Food blogs/ sites for 2012.

1. Fauzia's Kitchen Fun
fauziasFauzia likes to consider herself as an "average girl tinkering around her kitchen" but Fauzia has made cooking a fun and exciting activity for many people around the world. The Facebook page, which has over 28,000 loyal fans, offers a variety of recipes from snacks and sandwiches to main dishes such as yummy meatloaf or seafood specials, all with step-by-step instructions.

The Facebook page is also a great platform for others to share their favorite recipes, discuss their latest culinary escapades, triumph in the dishes that came out great, and figure out what went wrong in the ones that didn't turn out so well. With everything going on with Fauzia's Kitchen Fun, it is most definitely one of the top Halal food pages of 2012!

2. Foodilcious "Cooks @ Work"
foodFive women. Five destinations. One goal: To learn and share new recipes and tips.
The Foodilcious network is an intricate Facebook page (more than 75,000 likes!) where people can view recipes submitted by one of the five page owners, recipes submitted by other group members, request for a specific recipe, or discuss cooking know-how and tactics.

The page's photo albums have thousands of recipes in categories such as "Microwaveable Goodies", "Chocaholics", "Our Dining Tables" and "High Tea Snacks" along with the more custom categories such as desserts, appetizers, and basics. The Foodilcious "Cooks @ Work" page is unquestionably one of the top 10 Halal food pages too look out for!

3. Masala Mornings
foodCraving for something that your mother used to make for you when you were younger? Look no further than Aunty Shireen from Masala Mornings TV, where every meal has a little touch of a home.

Every weekday, Shireen Anwar, lovingly known as Aunty Shireen, cooks your favorite recipes on live TV! You can then visit the Masala Mornings Facebook page and take down the recipe to make it on your own. Step by step directions in English, as well as Arabic, make this a great page for every cook!

4. Ramadan Recipes
foodThe Ramadan Recipes Facebook page came to be... well, during Ramadan! What was initially created as a platform to share and talk about the meals prepared during the month of fasting, soon expanded to a collection of recipes which are great for any time of the year!

The page is filled with recipes for scrumptious meals such as lasagna, chow mein, biriyani, curries and many other mouth-watering appetizers, main courses and desserts. The layout of the recipes are a bit different on this page since not only do you get step by step directions, but each step is accompanied with a picture to give you a better idea of how well the directions are being followed. Great recipes, detailed directions - a definite page to explore for the up and coming cook.

5. Lecker & Yummy Recipes
foodThe Lecker & Yummy Recipes blog page is run a by a hard-core foodie named Sajeedha, who has been cooking since she was very young. She began experimenting in the kitchen at the age of 19; her love for food has followed her well past college, marriage, and is now an activity she shares with her own kids as well.

The blog has recipes for a variety of foods, some of which originate from India, Turkey, and Germany. A few of the more popular recipes listed include Mansaf, a traditional dish in Jordan, Maqloobeh, famous in Palestine, and Ispanak Tepsi Borek, hailing from Turkish cuisine. Take your family to these amazing destinations with one mouthwatering bite!

6. Delicious Bytes "Love of Cooking"
capture111.png"The Delicious Bytes "Love of Cooking" Facebook page is not only a collection of recipes, but a vault of information related to cooking. The recipes found on this page are shared from cut newspaper clippings, recipes that were jotted down from TV shows, and anywhere else where people may have found a good recipe worth sharing.

"Our mission is to spread the love of food and cooking from our kitchen to yours"; and boy, have they! Cooks of all levels will appreciate the types of food which can be found on the Delicious Bytes "Love of Cooking" page, especially the many pickles, chutneys and jams! A definite must-visit Halal food site this year!

7. Zaiqa.net
foodZaiqa is a word from the Urdu language which translates to taste'... and the Zaiqa food blog guarantees great tastes in every recipe listed! One of the most unique qualities of this site is the Category Index' which allows you to find recipes based on an ingredient - making it easy to prepare something with leftovers! Other than a never-ending list of recipes, visitors of this amazing food blog will also find links to many other food sites which the author enjoys.

The Zaiqa food blog offers its visitors kitchen tips, quick fix meals, and even product reviews. Be aware, users might go to the page for one particular recipe and end up walking away hours later with 10 other recipes to try.

8. Basma's Cuisine
foodFrom Chessboard Cookies' to Chicken Lasagna', Basma's Cuisine is a page filled with nice recipes for the beginner cook. The site has step-by-step instructions along with accompanying photographs and visitors will enjoy finding such unique and tasty recipes!

The page was created to express the owner's love and respect for cooking while creating a platform which shares their interest with the rest of the world.

9. ElZaA
foodThe ElZaA food blog was initially created in 2007 by Ruhina with the intention of helping her family refine their skills in the kitchen as well as being a platform to share family recipes. Now, almost 5 years later, it offers a chance for people to bring their families together around the world, with recipes of hearty meals of both local (Pakistan) and international cuisine.

The blog offers a more personal twist on cooking and most, if not all, recipes are ones that Ruhina herself makes for her family. The blog is great for beginner and experienced cooks, and we just had to include it in our Top 10 list!

10. Sameer's Eats
foodSameer's Eats makes it easier to find a good Halal-restaurant in North America! Sameer of Sameer has only one thing in mind: amazing Halal restaurants; and his goal is to find as many of them as possible for people to enjoy and dine at.
Sameer hosts the leading online show for discovering the best Halal eateries; not only does he review restaurants, he also releases videos of dining experiences as well as identifying Halal food items in well-known restaurants. The site is refreshingly honest and has to be added in our list of must-visits for this year!

We thank all those who participated passionately in voting for their Food blogs that has become part of their everyday life! In the next few days, we will also highlight all other great Food Blogs who were nominated this year, but did not make it to our top 10 list. Keep an eye on them, there is a good possibility that some of them will make it on to the list next year!

And that concludes the Top 10 Halal Food Blog/ Sites for 2012! Let us know what you think in our comments section!

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