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Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations 2012 - OIC Countries

After months of nominations, research, surveys and voting by our community, Crescentrating is pleased to announce "CrescentRating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking 2012" of the Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations in OIC countries for 2012.

OIC countries are usually a bit more comfortable for Muslims to travel to; it is usually easier to locate mosques, Halal restaurants and more family-friendly activities than other countries. Here's a list of Crescentrating's Top Ten Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations for 2012!

1. Malaysia
desAs the saying goes, "Malaysia, truly Asia", Malaysia is a destination which encompasses everything which is identified with an Asian holiday. A melting pot of religions and races, Muslims will be extremely comfortable in an environment where mosques are found easily and Halal food is a norm. From skyscrapers and bustling cities to lush fields and traditional villages, expect the unexpected at Malaysia.

2. Egypt
desThe shimmering Nile River, dazzling dessert, astonishing monuments - the charm of Egypt is par with none. Discover with every new sight, smell and taste as you flow through the different cities like the flowing Nile. What better way to spend your 2012 vacation than exploring a land filled with beauty, mystery and offering an amazing cultural experience.

3. Turkey
desEvery time we think of Turkey, we think "Hmmmm, Baklava...." but Turkey has SO much to offer Halal-conscious vacationers! Turkey's rich history makes it an amazing place to explore - from the remnants of castles and battlegrounds to the thriving Turkish Riviera and the stunning beaches. So kick back, relax and enjoy yourself in Turkey this year!

4. Indonesia
desAn archipelago of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a medley of immaculate beaches, soaring volcanoes, flourishing paddy fields, and all in all, a fascinating culture. Walk through the cobblestone squares of Jakarta or climb up the smoking volcano caters in Sumatra, but no matter which of the islands you're on, you will be sure to have a fantastic vacation!

5. United Arab Emirates
desSometimes considered "the world's playground", the United Arab Emirates has a little bit of everything... and if they didn't have it naturally, they had something very similar made by man. From the world's tallest building to The Palm Jumeirah - an artificial archipelago comprising everything from 5 star hotels to luxury boutique shopping. The UAE is great for that luxurious getaway you've been planning for 2012.

6. Morocco
desHmm, the yummy couscous alone is worthy of placing Morocco on the list! Stand besides a looming tower from the 12th century in Rabat or wander through a maze of souqs in Marrakech; each region of Morocco gives you a different experience whether you're looking for a thrilling holiday or a relaxing one. Head off the beaten path and discover the beauty that is Morocco this 2012.

7. Tunisia
desA true desert experience, Tunisia gives you endless sand dunes, 4x4 adventures, camping under the stars, and some bumpy but exhilarating camel rides. Explore the land by foot... or by paragliding, diving, or even hot air ballooning. There are some amazing attractions including deep blue seas and bright golden beaches. Tunisia and all its beauty is a must-add for 2012's Top Ten Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations.

8. Jordan
desFrom the bustling city of Amman to the Jordan Valley, a visit to Jordan will take your breath away. Visit one of the best preserved ancient cities or sand-surf on the red desert sands of Wadi Rum. The Dana Nature Reserve is another must-visit attraction which houses over 600 species of plants, 45 species of mammals and other amazing wonders. With so much to offer, Jordan is definitely one of the top Halal friendly holiday destinations for 2012.

9. Brunei
des"A kingdom of unexpected treasures" could not be a more appropriate tag line for the amazing destination of Brunei. One of the smallest countries on Earth with one of the biggest primary rainforests intact, Brunei offers so much for a Muslim vacationer. Once you're done exploring the jungle, cool off with a little scuba diving - Brunei is a great spot for scuba diving since the sites are filled with unspoiled coral reefs and also, several interesting shipwrecks. With so much to offer, we had to include Brunei on the list!

10. Qatar
desAs you land in Qatar you think, oh no, another desert destination' but Qatar offers more than the eye can see. Spend your evenings shopping at the traditional souq market or the boutique shopping center. Dine under the stars in the middle of a desert or by the lapping sea in the heart of the city. Experience some of the eclectic street-foods of Qatar such as a tasty shawarma or dine in one of the cities many fine-dining restaurants. If you are into Islamic art, then the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha will not dissapoint you. With everything Qatar has to offer, we couldn't keep it off our Top Ten Destinations list.

The Reader Ranking which was compiled according to the voting from the Crescentrating community listed the Top 10 Halal Friendly Travel Destinations in OIC countries as follows: Pakistan, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Morocco, Bangladesh, Maldives and Turkey.


And that concludes the Top 10 Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations in OIC countries for 2012! If you've visited one of these locations, be sure to leave a review!

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