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Top 3 Halal Restaurants in Singapore Hotels

After going through nominations, research, surveys and voting by our community, Crescentrating is pleased to announce "CrescentRating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking 2012" of the Top 3 Halal Restaurants in Singapore Hotels.

All three restaurants serve from kitchens certified Halal by MUIS, the Halal certifying body of Singapore. They offer their guests various dining options including room service, a la carte menus and buffets in great settings.

1. Carousel - Royal Plaza on Scotts

One of the first restaurants in Singapore to have its Kitchen Halal certified, it has been a favorite among the local Muslims for many years. Offering an unforgettable dining experience, Carousel brings you sumptuous Asian and Mediterranean buffets that will leave your palate more pleased than ever! The food served is sure to please even the most fickle foodie. It is definitely one of the top Halal restaurants in Singapore.

2. Asian Market Caf- Fairmont Hotel

The Asian Market Cafobtained there Halal certification for its Kitchen in November of 2010. It is a family favorite dining destination which offers a vast array of Halal certified Asian cuisine in true buffet style. They offer a delectable selection of Malay, Indian, Chinese and contemporary regional delicacies. Everything offered at the Asian Market Cafshows a broad diversity of flavors, whether it's the main courses, the action stations, appetizers stalls, or yummy desserts.

3. Aquamarine - Marina Mandarin Hotel

Having recently received Halal certification from MUIS, the Aquamarine restaurant located in the Marina Mandarin Hotel has quickly become a favorite for many Muslim consumers. Located on Raffles Boulevard, Aquamarine offers a variety of international buffets alongside an enticing a la carte menu which includes seafood and a vast selection of local favorites.

And that concludes the Top 3 Halal Restaurants in Singapore Hotels for 2012! If you've dined at one of these restaurants, be sure to write a review!

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