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Top 10 Halal Restaurants, Sri Lanka

After three months of nominations, research, surveys and voting by our community, Crescentrating is pleased to announce "CrescentRating's Halal Friendly Travel (CRaHFT) Ranking 2012" of the top 10 Halal Restaurants in Sri Lanka.

When a Muslim travels to any place in the world, one of the first things they do is begin their hunt for Halal food. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes not so much. This is the first year where CRaHFT Ranking in this category is announced. Insha Allah this category will be extended to other countries and cities in 2013.

Some of the ones who made the list are well-know fast food places while some of the others are more of a family-dining experience - all of the restaurants are certified Halal by the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama, which is the Halal certifying body in Sri Lanka.

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What started with one restaurant has now turned into a family-dining franchise! Offering a great, friendly atmosphere, DineMore is well-known for its yummy submarines!

Queens Caf/strong>
A favorite among the Colombo's working population; Queens Cafoffers a family friendly setting, as well as a great atmosphere for quick business lunches. One of their must-try's include the Hot Butter Cuttlefish!

Eastern Wok
A bit of a fine-dining experience, the Eastern Wok is great for that special night out! Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with the guarantee of scrumptious Halal dishes.

Pizza Hut
Who doesn't love pizza? An international favorite, Pizza Hut Sri Lanka has been a Halal Certified establishment for years. Offering numerous pastas and pizzas, it's a great dining experience, especially for the kids. (Please be advised -- As of 22nd February 2012, the ACJU - Halal Certifying body of Sri Lanka, has not re-newed the Halal Certification of Pizza Hut Sri Lanka. Please click here for details)

Star Dogs
Yummy Halal hot dogs in warm, fresh buns with an array of toppings to choose from... makes you want one right now, doesn't it? Chili Hot Dogs, Cheesy Hot Dogs - you name it, they'll have it!

When Colonel Sanders made chicken, he must have had his Muslim consumers in mind! All KFC outlets in Sri Lanka are Halal certified and offer the tasty chicken we've all grown to know and love.

Prima Platter
Noodles, fried rice and other delectable dishes can be found at the Prima Platter! Bringing Singaporean cuisine to Sri Lanka has proven to be a favorite among the Muslim population and is a must try for those in Sri Lanka.

Marry Brown
Marry Brown is the epitome of fun, family - dining - the swinging seats, kid-friendly menu and the general playful atmosphere have all the kids asking for Marry Brown for dinner!

It is said that even the rich and famous crave for a Big Mac every once in a while. Comforting you with food that you've known since you were a child, McDonalds is a great family favorite.

Fairly new to the Sri Lankan food scene, Eat More has taken Colombo by storm with its delicious Nasi Goreng, fried rice, and wide variety of subs, sandwiches and burgers. A must-try for those in Sri Lanka - the food is sure to keep your palate satisfied!

And that concludes the Top 10 Halal friendly restaurants in Sri Lanka for 2012! If you've dined at one of these restaurants, be sure to leave a review in our "Write a Review" section!

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