Research and Consultancy Services for the Halal/Muslim Travel, Tourism amd Hospitality Segment

Halal Travel Consultancy Services

CrescentRating provides a wide range of consultancy services to the travel industry. As the pioneer in the Halal Travel sector, CrescentRating’s consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience to help destinations and travel services to develop and execute strategies to attract the fast growing Muslim/Halal Travel market.

From helping roll out of market awareness roadshows to developing strategic plans, CrescentRating can tailor the services to suit your specific needs. These include:

  • Rolling out market awareness workshops, campaigns and roadshows.

  • Train and educate stakeholders, staff or outside employee sat Hotels, theme parks, attractions, etc.

  • Develop Muslim visitor Guide for the destination.

  • Develop and help execute strategic plans for the destination

Get CrescentRating involved from the early stages of market development to maximize your return on investment.

Halal Travel Consultancy Services

Who can make use of our Consultancy Services?

  • Tourism Boards

  • Destination Marketing Companies

  • Hotels

  • Tour Agents/Operators

  • Airports

  • Airlines

  • Theme Parks

  • Attractions

  • Spa & Wellness Services

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