Green World ZhongXiao

Hotel or Accommodation Features

The subtle features of the hotel is revealed by colorful exterior walls as well as the modest and modern gate in European style; in the meantime, the young and lively atmosphere on the 5th and the 6th floor is created by Pop Art design merged with famous scenic spots of Taipei, while the moderate but sumptuous experience of accommodation on the 7th floor sprouts with the modern European style.- 

Hotel Halal Dining

Halal restaurants available within 10 minutes walk

Halal restaurants within 5 kilometres from the hotel

Hotel can serve Halal breakfast


  • Staff trained on Muslim guest requirements

Prayer Facilities

  • List of nearby mosques can be provided on request
  • Male and female prayer rooms can be made available on request
  • All rooms have the prayer direction marked
  • Prayer mats available in the room
  • Prayer mats can be provided on request

Halal Food Services

  • Halal restaurants available within 10 minutes walk
  • Halal restaurants within 5 kilometers from the hotel
  • Hotel serve Halal breakfast
  • Hotel has a Halal certified kitchen

Sanitary Facilities

  • All rooms have toilets fitted with Japanese washlets

Non-Halal Activities

  • Hotel does not have a discotheque
  • Hotel does not serve Alcohol
  • Hotel does not have a bar
  • Hotel is not part of a gambling resort
  • No adult TV channels in the room


  • Female room attendants

Internet, Activities and Parking

  • Wifi (free)
  • Car Parking (charges Apply)

Green World ZhongXiao

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