Hotel or Accommodation Features

At Risshisha, we are expanding our regional vitalization and community-building activities with the city of Kyoto through the machine. We offer a lodging experience that blends traditional Kyoto machiya culture with modern technology. Staying at a machiya is appealing because it is a different experience from a hotel or ryokan and makes guests feel like they live in Kyoto. Our machiya is located in Kyoto’s Omiya-Cho, from which Kyoto station and sightseeing spots can be easily accessed. We are pursuing new projects to revitalize the Kyoto machiya as a new form of contribution to society.

In March this year, our RISSHISHA hotel created a Muslim-friendly plan.

For Muslims that are going to travel to Japan, especially in Kyoto, now you can enjoy the traditional Japanese hotel with no worries because we are a Muslim-friendly Japanese hotel. You can make prayer every time at our hotel and enjoy some Japanese Halal menu. Please enjoy our Muslim-friendly Japanese Traditional Hotel!

Our Ryokans are Muslim-friendly Ryokans. Our Ryokans provide facilities and services for Muslim guests to stay at our Ryokan, for example, prayer mat, Qibla direction marking, Qibla Compass, prayer garment, and unique tableware for Muslims.

Hotel Halal Dining

If a guest needs Halal meals, please make a reservation on the standard plan, choose the following menu, then write down the notes when you make a reservation.

1. Halal Kobe Beef Sukiyaki (Red Meat) 150 g 
2. Halal Kobe Beef Shabu-shabu/ hot pot dish (Red Meat) 150 g 
3.Halal Crab Shabu-shabu (available only during crab season/winter)

1. YUBA (Hot pot dish made from boiled soy milk) 
2. YUDOFU (Hot pot dish made from tofu) 
3. TONYU MISO (Soy milk and white miso soup) 

Please kindly find the Risshisha's Muslim-friendly information on the following URL:

All menus are made with Halal ingredients.
We will send you a separate invoice for your meals to your email. Also, you can make payments through email. 


  • Staff trained on Muslim guest requirements

Prayer Facilities

  • Female prayer dress available on request
  • List of nearby mosques can be provided on request
  • Prayer direction marked in room
  • Prayer mats can be provided on request
  • Prayer time table available at the front desk or room

Halal Food Services

  • Halal restaurants available within 10 minutes walk
  • Hotel can serve Halal breakfast
  • List of nearby Halal restaurants can be provided on request
  • Hotel can serve Halal room service

Sanitary Facilities

  • Rooms toilets are fitted with bidet

Non-Halal Activities

  • Hotel does not have a discotheque
  • Hotel does not serve Alcohol
  • Hotel does not have a bar
  • Hotel is not part of a gambling resort
  • No adult TV channels in the room


  • Hotel can serve Kosher food on request

Internet, Activities and Parking

  • Wifi (free)
  • Car Parking (charges Apply)
  • Free Car Parking


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