City Boutique Hotel Sarajevo

Hotel or Accommodation Features

5 Types of Rooms include in price: Bed & Breakfast, Internet, Coffee, tea, Vat, Insurance tourist friendly-family, business friendly, no smoking & no alcohol hotel.

Tourist friendly- family,business friendly: business/meeting romm, lounge/terrace/reading room, car rental agency- tourist attraction guides, airport trasnfer services available.

Prayer Facilities

  • Female prayer dress available on request
  • List of nearby mosques can be provided on request
  • All rooms have the prayer direction marked
  • Prayer mats can be provided on request
  • Prayer time table available at the front desk or room

Halal Food Services

  • Halal banquets can be arranged on request
  • Halal restaurants at walking distance from Hotel
  • Halal restaurants within 5 kilometers from the hotel
  • Hotel serve Halal room service
  • List of nearby Halal restaurants can be provided on request
  • All F&B in the Hotel is Halal

Sanitary Facilities

  • All rooms have toilets fitted with bidet
  • All rooms have toilets fitted with hand shower

Ramadhan Facilities

  • Halal Sahoor can be arranged on request

Non-Halal Activities

  • Hotel does not have a discotheque
  • Hotel does not serve Alcohol
  • Hotel is not part of a gambling resort
  • No adult TV channels in the room


  • Quran available in the room

Internet, Activities and Parking

  • Wifi (free)
  • Wired Internet (free)

City Boutique Hotel Sarajevo

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