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Crescent rating company, with the spread of "Muslim-friendly travel", a world where Muslim travelers can travel with confidence around the world, not only the travelers, in a way that benefit the whole community, including the travel-related businesses and vision that make up, in 2009, was established in Singapore, it is a Muslim-friendly tour of the pioneer companies. As a top leader of the industry since its establishment, for the spread of Muslim-friendly travel, the economic summit in the political world countries, on stage as a lecturer in halal Summit, the creation of investigation report on the Muslim-friendly travel, the spread of the rating system, which is a global standard, countries government, consultation to the travel-related suppliers, providing information for the Muslim travelers, are all world renowned wide-ranging, such as package sales. In addition, strong demand for visit to Japan from the Muslim travelers, response to the growing to the rapid need to correct know-how related to Muslim travelers acceptance environment development in Japan, in February 2015, the Japanese corporation "Crescent Ratings Japan Co., Ltd." It decided to establish.


Board Chairman

Osman Kasshimu

Crescent rating company directors and Crescent rating Japan Co., Ltd. Board of Directors

Now founder of became not only the world's leading companies in Sri Lanka "Expolanka Group". It continues to wield 1978 the talented since its inception in, trade industry the business from the import-export business, such as the spread to the aviation business, with a track record that was extended to more than 50 companies of the group affiliates. Over his multi-faceted business management skills is every industry, total annual sales are over to have a US $ 300 million. In addition, the Islamic bank to be Sri Lanka's first founded the "Amana Investments Limited & Amana Bank", has contributed to the development of Islamic banking over the more than 16 years. Famous most dominating he extended to all field is referred to as "Sri Lanka economy of male", the ability is also the only to not stay. Over the years the UK Staffordshire University honorary doctorate in Japan.


Bahr Dean Mohammed Fazal

Crescent rating company founder, Chief Executive Officer, Crescent rating Japan Co., Ltd. Board of Directors

Guru who worked to provide unique services to set the halal corresponding evaluation criteria to become the world's first Muslim travelers. Renowned as a global pioneer in the Muslim dedicated service billed as "halal friendly". Over the years, including the development and dissemination of the world's first is a "Muslim-friendly degree of rating criteria," "Crescent rating", has been engaged in consulting, as well as guidance on Muslim tourists accepted environmental improvement. Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, etc., in countries that are also becoming famous as a Muslim-friendly Country (City) in recent years, has been invited as a consultant from the initial stage also with respect to the Muslims accepted environmental improvement. In addition is a worldwide very famous as an authority in the Islamic inbound industry, many lecture experience in conference in becoming not Western countries Asian countries only, also, many featured in the media of the world's top class, such as BBC and Financial Times ing.

President & CEO

Tomita Sachi彦

Crescent rating Japan Co., Ltd. President and CEO

At Hopewill Group Hong Kong headquarters to support the cross-border of Japanese companies in the one-stop since 2013, Japanese companies of Indonesia, Malaysia, engaged in advanced support services to the Islamic world, including the Middle East. Main deliver the information of the Islamic market in Japan on the "Monthly Islamic market", research, editing. Crescentrating Inc. from 2013, it carried out the total agency Japan, enrolled in Hopewill Group Japan is Hoepwill Group Japan office. Crescentrating company engaged in the project on. Local prefectures, municipalities, work in travel-related businesses and Islamic travelers acceptance environment improvement project of Japan.

Appointed incumbent due to the founding of the February 2015 Crescentrating Japan Corporation.


Mohammed Hasshimu Omar Kayamu

Chief Executive Officer of the "Aberdeen Group (Aberdeen Group)", which has the eight companies in the world. Than participation previous to Aberdeen, Inc., the lay of the various multinational companies 2

It has the experience that also has played for more than 2.0 years. Among them, Norway's Norsk Hydro, French AirLiquide, the United Kingdom of Intertek, are also included, such as Messer Griesheim GmbH of Germany. In these companies, Financial Manager, Regional Financial Officer, Regional Vice President, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director, United Kingdom director, a position a wide range such as president, France, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, in countries such as Sri Lanka since it has played, it is familiar with the circumstances in the world

From the fact that even in financial accounting and Islamic financial situation as well as management with a savvy career, is also a specialist of management innovation and M & A.


Muslim-friendly evaluation criteria "Crescent Lethe Ing"

Members of the Muslim travelers, one of the biggest challenges faced when traveling the world, is that "where if the needs of its own When you take advantage of the facility is met, it is very difficult to acquire information that".

In contrast Crescent rating company, hotels, airports, train stations, shopping malls, theme parks, attractions, etc., effectively and to provide the status of Muslim-friendly services in all the facilities that are on the traveler of the flow line to travelers trust order to perform originate in a form that can be, develop a Muslim-friendly evaluation criteria "Crescent Lethe queuing", held, we are worldwide deployment.

Currently, in the world / regional, trying a variety of organizations, organizations develop local standards, has been developed criteria for evaluating the facilities, transmission of information to the Muslim travelers.

On the other hand, many travelers multiple countries, these days tend to travel more than one area, by remembering one of the evaluation criteria, also visited where global that it is possible to select the best facilities to their needs the introduction of the evaluation criteria is required.

In Crescent rating company for the needs of such a Muslim travelers, the introduction of the "Crescent rating" carried out in the world, is introduced in already countries with more than 30 countries at present, businesses, for both travelers It continues to provide that value.


Convey the status of the market to officials of everyone in the world "Survey reporting business"

Crescentrating, Inc., with respect to officials of everyone in the world, the Islamic inbound market is why important or, also What are the needs, to tell whether any such efforts may be Yuke going to incorporate this , investigation, we are developing the reporting business.

Among them, was global survey of the world's first Islamic inbound market "Global Muslim Lifestyle Tourism Market 2012: Landscape & Consumer Needs Study" has been the use of the market analysis and the like in the world.

In addition, the corresponding manual to by each operator "Travel Etiquette, Supplications & Ahadith", has been the use between the "Preparing Your Hotel For The Ramadhan", such as many of the businesses, is a Muslim-friendly response manual.

In addition, we investigate the Muslim-friendly level of each country collaboration with Mastercard Inc., was rated "Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2015" is also, as an indicator of analysis of the global situation of the market in detail, in countries around the world It has been the use on. 

In Crescentrating company, from research on a global scale, such as described previously, we each municipality, the investigation, such as the implementation status of the Muslim-friendly environment improvement in the regional scale.

Crescentrating company operated by, Muslim-only travel booking portal, by the application "Halal Trip (Halal trip)", Muslim travelers of flight, hotel reservation, can be booked, such as package tours. In addition, not only the various reservation, worry about traveling to Muslim travelers are concerned thing - destination of the decisions and, for example, around the tourist information, airport facilities information and halal correspondence of restaurants, ranging from the information of the mosque, Muslims travel who Nitorimashite, we have cover "can reach the itchy place" information exactly .Halaltrip as a portal that is popular with Muslims around the world, we will continue to provide useful information.

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Also said that the market size of the current 14 trillion yen, the Islamic tourism market, which by 2020 is to be expanded to 19.2 trillion yen. In Crescent rating company taking advantage of the know-how of its own service evaluation criteria, everyone in the Muslim-friendly service provision, we have been a strategic suggestions for the Muslim attract tourists. In our 2009 since the service started, and then you connect the people of the tourism industry workers Muslim travelers by its solid experience and know-how, we have been continuously improve clients' sales. "The truth, of whether the people of Muslim travelers what you're seeking," "from where the acceptance environment maintenance good or Once you start" to the question of everyone of such operators, will be happy to provide you with a clear solution.

Target Industry: each municipality, hotel, inn, travel agency, tour operator, marketing industry and aviation industry theme park, hot spring resort facility, etc.


We have held upon request of the seminar by Crescent rating consultant of and that you are familiar with the needs of Muslim travelers. Muslim travel industry, which is expected to increase in the future people flourish. Desired to further attract Muslim travelers, who want and you think to an improvement in sales, should by all means consult with Crescent rating. "In fact, the large extent to which Muslim inbound market is?" "The needs of the implementation of the market?" Will answer the question of everyone such.

    Track record in the world

    Performance track record one case:

  • 2014-December the world of Diamond halal ( "Diamond Halal to the World") - Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2014 November: Taipei International Travel Fair ( "Taipei International Travel fair") - Taipei, Taiwan

  • 2014 - September Halal travelers conference ( "The Halal Tourism Conference") - Spain - Andalusia

  • 2014 - February Joint Seminar by Islamic travelers Center ( "Joint Seminar on islamicTourism (IoSIT) byIslamic Tourism Center)" - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia M

  • 2013 • October: World Islamic Economic Forum ( "World Islamic Economic Forum") - United Kingdom - London

  • 2012 - July International Halal Conference ( "International Halal Conference") - Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 2012-May World Islamic traveler market ( "World Islamic Tourism Mart 20112") - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 2011 • October: American Muslim Consumer Conference 2011 ( "American Muslim Consumer Conference") - New Jersey, USA

  • 2010 - December Europe World Halal Conference ( "World Halal Forum Europe") - London other

  • Track record in Japan

  • May 2015 • 3 Fukuoka Muslim acceptance environmental research project commissioned

  • 2015 - February Kobe City Industrial Promotion Bureau seminar lecturer podium

  • May 2014 - 10 Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau seminar lecturer podium

  • 2014 • October: Asian Food Show 2014 seminar on stage other

  • May 2015 • 3 Fukuoka Muslim acceptance environmental research project commissioned

  • 2015 - February Kobe City Industrial Promotion Bureau seminar lecturer podium

  • May 2014 - 10 Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau seminar lecturer podium

  • 2014 • October: Asian Food Show 2014 seminar on stage other

  • Media Coverage

  • October 2014 MasterCard and Crescent rating Collaborate - Master Card News Room (2014, 11, 2)

  • December 2013 Crescent rating company up the Muslim-only travel booking site "HalalTrip" up - Yahoo! News (2013, 12, 23)

  • April 2013 Fazal representative, Muslim-friendly travel monthly magazine to "VoyagersWorld" interview about the Muslim-friendly services posted - "Voyagers World" 2013, 4, 29

  • March 2011 Crescent rating company published the 2011 Halal Expo article was organized - Web news "Asian Tribune" of global Asia research institute 2013, 3, 28

  • October 2010 for the Android version of the Muslim-only travel app article published (web news "muslim" 2010, 10, 13)

  • September 2010 "SankeiBiz" Web version Fazal representative of the interview posted - "SankeiBiz" (2010, 9, and 20)

  • November 2010 interview published in Fazal representative to the web news "Voice of America" ​​(2010, 11, 9)

Company name: Crescentrating Japan Co., Ltd.

Street address: 102-0083 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 2-2-22 ACN Hanzomon building 8th floor

TEL: 03-6272-5851

Board Chairman  Osman Kasshimu

President & CEO Tomita Sachi彦

Director Bahr Dean Mohamedddo-Fazal

Director Mohammed Hasshimu Omar Kayamu