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Saturday, 30 January 2010 23:02

Guide to Crescentrating of Hotels for Halal Friendliness

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 Hotel is the most important choice one makes when planning a trip. As such choosing a Halal Friendly Hotel will make the stay at the destination a pleasant and a comfortable one. Crescentrating for Hotels is our proprietary rating system to rate Hotels for their Halal friendliness. Crescentrating allows the travelers to make an educated choice when looking for Hotels with Halal friendly services and facilities.

Hotels are rated on a scale of 1 to 7 based on the facilities and the services provided by the Hotel. 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. The 6 main areas evaluated for granting a Crescentrating are as follows:

1. Salaath (Prayer) facilities

The services and facilities evaluated includes the level of information and / or facilities provided to the guests in terms of prayer times info, Qiblah direction markings in the rooms, availability of prayer rooms etc. Read the Guide to Salaath facilities in Hotels

2. Halal food services

Availability of Halal food is extremely important for a Muslim traveler. Apart from looking at the availability of Halal Food at the Hotel, if a Hotel claims that it provides Halal food, then how the Hotel assures the food is Halal is considered in the rating. Read here The Guide to Halal Food in Hotels

3. Guest Bathroom facilities

Ease of using water for cleansing and Wudu in washrooms of the Hotels rooms are evaluated. Most Hotels rooms are now beginning to install bidets or hands-howers in the washrooms.

4. Services during Ramadhan

The ability of the Hotel to serve Sohoor and Iftar are evaluated.

5. Level of Non-Halal activities in the Hotels

In evaluating Hotel, for providing a rating of 6 or 7, the level of non-halal activities that the hotel has is taken into account. These include; availability of Alcohol or not in the Hotel; is the hotel part of a gambling resort; availability of non-family friendly TV channels ..etc

6. Recreational facilities and services

Here the main areas evaluated include the availability of recreational facilities such as Gyms and swimming pools which can be used by males or females seperately with privacy.

Our Icon guide for Hotels gives an overview of most of the facilities and services evaluated in granting it a Crescentrating to a Hotel. Each hotel listed by us is given a Crescentrating as well as its halal friendly facilities highlited using these Icons.


The categorization of the Hotels based on their Crescentrating:

Crescentrating of 1 to 3

cr rating 1cr rating 2cr rating 3

  • These Hotels are considered "helpful" to the Muslim Travellers. They will be able to provide information regarding Salaath times, Qiblah direction and nearby Halal food facilities.


Crescentrating of 4 to 5

cr rating 4cr rating 5

  • Hotels which are rated 4 to 5 go beyond being "helpful" and accomodate certain specific requirements of the Halal conscious travellers.They will generally have Qiblah direction marked in the rooms and some level of Halal food facilities in the Hotel.


Crescentrating of 6 to 7 

cr rating 6cr rating 7

  • Hotels with a rating of 6 to 7 generally take into account most of the needs of a Halal conscious traveller in their services and facilities. In general they will be serving only Halal Food and Beverages apart from having other family friendly facilities.


Browse the full listing of Crescentrated Hotel here.

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