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  • Iraq Overview

    Ibn Battuta joined a group of pilgrims returning to Iraq after completing his first Hajj. He left Makkah on 17th November 1326. The caravan reached the Mesopotamia basin where they were greeted by a party from the Iraqi city of Kufa. About six days later they reached al-Najaf a few…
  • Kufa and Najaf Overview

    Kufa and Najf were the first citiesreached by Ibn Battuta entering into Iraq. Najaf is a city in Iraq of religious significance to the Shia Muslims. Ibn Battuta reached the city of Najaf 44 days after leaving Makkah. He stayed on in the city for a few days and visited…
  • Euphrates and Tigris Overview

    Euphrates along with Tigris define the region of Mesopotamia. The two rivers were the cause of flourishing civilizations from a very early time, which gave rise to the region being called the "Cradle of Civilization".

  • Basra Overview


    Situated in lower Mesopotamia, Basra is an important port city close to the border of Kuwait. It is also the second biggest city of Iraq. The city is a part of the historic area of Sumer.

  • Baghdad Overview

    Although Baghdad is now undergoing another period of turmoil in its long history, the first name of the city was Madinat al-Salaam or "City of Peace". This is the name given to the city by its builder, Abbasid Caliph Abu Ja'far Abdallah ibn Muhammad al-Mansur, the 2nd Abbasid Caliph. He…
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Iraq Info



Iraq is bounded by Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Spanning an area of 437,072 km2 , Iraq mainly consists of deserts and mostly composed of mountains in the north of the country.


A population of close to 30.3 Million. Muslims account for about 97% of the population.


Hot and subtropical. In most parts of the country summer temperatures average above 40 °C (104 °F) and winter temperatures ranges between 15 °C to 19 °C (59 °F to 66.2 °F).


Arabic and Kurdish are the two official languages. Syriac and Azeri are widely used as well.


GMT+3 hrs throughout the year


8 AM to 2 PM
General: 8 AM to 5 PM
(Saturday to Wednesday are the working days of the week. Thursday & Friday are considered as weekends)


National Day: October 3rd
May Day: May 1st
Republic Day: July 14th
Christmas Day: December 25th

Muslim Festivals (Based on the lunar calandar):
Islamic New Year


Iraqi Dinar


Police/ Emergencies: 104/122
Fire: 115

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