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Muslims have contributed to almost every possible industry since the days of the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) - Business, Science, Medicine, Technology - and in the recent years, Finance. The Islamic Finance Industry has revolutionalized the manner in which Muslims bank and invest.


Agency for Halal Quality Certification has organized on August 25th, 2011, ceremony of issuing the first Halal Certificate for services - preparing and serving food in a restaurant and outside restaurant.

Restaurant "Terasa" Ilidža (Sarajevo) is the first halal certified restaurant in BiH and the region of Balkan that has implemented the requirements of Halal standard BAS 1049:2010 and Halal Certification Guide for Service, and its preparation and serving of halal food align to the needs of consumers. The restaurant is categorized in the highest category DIAMOND, implying that all the dishes in the restaurant are halal and prayer room within the restaurant (Masjid) is available.

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Qiblah Direction & Prayer Times with a click of one Button

Knowing the direction for prayers and the prayer times are some of the key needs of the Muslim travelers. With this button, which is now introduced in each of the Crescentrated Hotel's page, Country Guide's page, Airport Guides etc on, travelers will get the prayer direction and the prayer time for any location with a click of a button.

 Ramadhan takes place on every 9th month of Islamic calendar when Muslims direct the heart away from worldly activities to cleanse the inner soul and free it from harm. One of the practices is to refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours. Commonly known as "fasting", this action signifies the strong devotion of followers towards their god as Muslims believe it helps to build patience, sacredness, modesty and submissiveness.

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