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Over the years, one of the biggest issues that the Muslim traveller has faced has been finding suitable facilities on their trips abroad.

Research by CrescentRating has established how Muslims tourists love travelling and exploring the world in a segment worth $145 billion. The tourism industry is starting to recognise the need to create a strategy to target the Muslim consumer who are quickly establishing themselves as the number one target audience.

Tourism Australia has taken a lead on this front by launching a new visitor guide for Muslim tourists in Australia, reaching out to the Muslim travel market, especially from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The launch of the visitor guide marks a significant milestone for Australia in promoting itself as a Muslim-friendly destination.

One of the biggest indicators of the popularity of a destination is the volume of Muslim visitor arrivals. This is the first time this criteria has been included in the Index. The Muslim visitor arrival figures have been extracted by applying CrescentRating's proprietary Muslim Arrivals calculation model to the overall visitor arrivals as reported by UNWTO.

This study revealed that in 2014, the total Muslim visitor arrivals were 108 million - representing 10% of the entire travel economy.

The visitor arrivals used for this study are the total non-resident tourists who have entered the national borders of each selected inbound destination. The travel and tourism data provided by UNWTO is the primary source of data.

Industry experts have noted that Muslims around the Middle East and elsewhere are increasingly looking to the UAE as an ideal travel destination - due to its Islamic provenance and modern sensibilities. Sharjah in particular was identified as a destination that attracts a large share of the Halal and family tourism industry since its hotels serve no alcohol and provide separate pools, gym and spa facilities for men and women.

The UAE also embraces its role as a leader in the provision of Islamic finance, strengthening its position as a premier destination that can compete with the powerhouses of the Halal tourism industry such as Malaysia and Turkey.

A safe and secure environment is key to attracting any tourist to a destination. Historically, empirical studies reveal a very high correlation between a safe travel environment and the number of tourist arrivals to a particular destination. Thus, a safe travel environment is an important catalyst when selecting a tourist destination to travel to.

Orlando International Airport - an International Airport in Florida, USA - has made plans to implement a prayer room for Muslim travellers following Emirates Airlines' decision to offer non-stop flights in an out of Orlando in March.

The airport will be spending approximately $250,000 to construct a prayer room that will open for Emirates’ inaugural flight on September 1. The place will also include ablution facility, carry-on-luggage bins and shoe racks, and there will be directional signs for north, south, east and west to guide the Qibla direction.

CrescentRating, the world’s leading authority on Halal tourism, has officially launched the world's first-ever Halal Travel Glossary. The new guide is a comprehensive and unique collection of key terms and expressions related to the $145 billion Halal travel market.

It is the first of its kind and serves as an excellent resource for travel professionals and businesses to gain a better understanding of some of the most commonly-used terminology in the Halal travel market.  

The glossary will be extremely beneficial for all travel-related businesses who serve, or plan to serve, the lucrative Muslim market which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. 

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