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To serve you better, we have migrated some of the content which was initially on our website to our sister travel platform HalalTrip is online travel specialists catering specifically to the needs of the Muslim travellers.

HalalTrip makes place discovery and trip planning easier, fun and more intuitive for those looking for a halal-friendly travel experience. It’s vision is to become the trusted trip advisor for Muslim travellers around the globe. HalalTrip uses the latest technology to allow consumers to book hotels and holiday packages to destinations across the world via its online platforms. Furthermore, the online portal has been created to satisfy the demands of those searching quality halal leisure holidays

HalalTrip provides information and resource for its users, providing in-depth look into destinations across the world. You will find everything required to satisfy the criteria for a Muslim traveller from city and airport guides, Halal restaurant listing and mosque locations, to help Muslims on every aspect of their trip.

Through a free and unique mobile application available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, it has created a series of must-have features to help Muslims navigate their way, whether they are planning the next Halal friendly holiday or want to explore the city where they live. For those planning their trips, the new app brings together a number of essential travel resources for Muslims from the time they leave their homes and while on their journey.

One of the top features of the app is a new fun and engaging feature, which allows Muslims to “spot” halal food places while on their travels and upload images, comment and share their findings with others across the world.

The App, which has both an English and Arabic user interface, also boasts the world’s first in-flight prayer time calculator, which allows Muslims to work out prayer times and directions instantly while they are on-board a plane.

In addition, the App also includes a list of travel prayers and supplications in Arabic and English.

App is on both App-Store and Google Play