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Aban Restaurant

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Aban Restaurant is accredited with the highest rating of 'AAA' and certified Halal by CrescentRating, as the restaurant provides Muslim-friendly facilities and services. It is set-up in a unique Uzbekistan Chayhana (Tea House) setting, with multiple function rooms that could seat from 12 to 24 seatings per room. The restaurant is located in one of the richest districts of Tashkent, with 4 mosques nearby, and the nearest being 800 meters away.

Aban Restaurant has adapted COVID-19 safety guidelines by providing 'Cleaning and Sanitization' stations outside each function room.

Type of Food Outlet


Halal Certification Body


Opening and Closing Hours

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


  • Asia


  • only halal food served
  • non halal food served as well
  • alcohol not allowed in premises
  • no alcohol served
  • prayer facility available/nearby
  • wudu facilities available/nearby

Staff Language

  • English


+99895 478 99 99


Toshkent shahar, Shayxontohur tumani, Ibn Sino mavzesi, Jar Ariq ko'chasi, 2/1-uyTashkentUzbekistan

Aban Restaurant

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