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Fullon Hotel Taipei, East is the 8th hotel in the Fullon Group and opened in 2010. The Hotel features trendy and luxurious design, and is the most prominent hotel in the neighborhood of Xinyi district. With 317 guestrooms, the needs of business traveler and tourists can all be well satisfied.

The neoclassic style architecture stands by the major passage travelling between Taipei and Shenkeng is the most outstanding landmark in the industrial and commercial zone. The trendy and grand decorations, accompanied by the garden, marks the unparalleled style of the Hotel. The Lotus Room and Crystal Room is gorgeous and well-equipped for banquets or meetings.

The Hotel is close to the Muzha Interchange of Freeway No.3. And one can take the Xinhai Express Highway to downtown Taipei, or take Xinyi Express highway to Xinyi district. Nearby tourist destinations include Shenkeng Street, where you can savor local snacks, the Taipei Zoo, where families can have fun together, the Maokong Gondola, the scenic area of Pingsi and Shiding, Dr. Sun Yet-sen’s memorial Hall, and Taipei World Trade Center. Within 10 minutes of drive, you can visit business partners, go to exhibitions, or shop. This is the most convenient, affordable, but also luxurious hotel near Xinyi district.

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Type of Food Outlet


Halal Certification Body

the chinese muslim association

Opening and Closing Hours

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


  • Western
  • Chinese
  • Vegetarian
  • Asia

Popular Dishes

  • Rice
  • prawns
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Seafood


  • non halal food served as well
  • alcohol served

Staff Language

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Taiwanese




No. 236, sec. 3, beishen rd., shenkeng dist., new taipei city 22241, taiwanDayuan TownshipTaiwan22241

Fullon hotels taipei east

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