Since 2008, we have been offering a wide range of Destination Marketing Services to clients in the hospitality and tourism & travel industry to effectively connect with the fast growing Muslim travel market. Our in-depth understanding of the lifestyle, behavior and specific needs ofthe Halal conscious traveler has enabled us to ensure our clients identify the right approach to effectively appeal to the hearts and mindsand capture a significant share-of-wallet of this segment.

We provide professional support and targeted solutions through customized strategic marketing plans that address the needs of the destination and businesses. Our dedicated team ensures that destination’s attractiveness is communicated to potential Muslim visitors with the intended brand positioning.

Our DestinationMarketing Services for the Halal/Muslim Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Segment

Identify and prioritize the targeted Muslim visitor
market segments and profiles.

Identifying visitor markets that align with destination’s attractions and experieces as well as community values. The Muslim travelers can be segmented into many niche groups, each with specific and varied preferences. Understanding their preferences, intrinsic & extrinsic motivational factors in decision-making and travel planning process, is crucial in positioning the destination..

Develop unique positioning of the destination for
the targeted Muslim traveler segment

Fostering a Muslim-friendly brand awareness of the destination to travelers from the target markets.

Develop a marketing plan to connect with the
target audience

Development of a customized strategic Marketing Plan that caters to destination needs in proving a unique and unforgettable experience for the Muslim travelers while maximizing their expenditure in the destination..

Execute the marketing plan

Facilitation of engagement process in implementing the marketing plan. This includes - but is not limited to - relevant promotional and advertising initiatives that influence visitor perceptions, awareness and destination choices.

The Activities We Provide Include

Media and PR support

Our expertise covers public relations, content development, social media PR support and online marketing. We view interactive marketing as a vital tool in communicating with our Muslim consumers especially when it comes to their changing needs and preferences.

Native content

Research and development of unique content focused on various aspects of a destination. With informative posts, to keep the consumers and readers informed about new products, special offers and culture behind the destination.

Content Marketing

CrescentRating ensures that the content marketing are targeted at specific consumers taking into consideration the nature of the campaign. All creatives and advertisements designed are carefully curated to expose consumers to content that is relevant to their needs.

Social Networking

Communicating through a number of Social Networking platform.

Influencer Collaboration

CrescentRating collaborates with key social media influencers on destination marketing projects.

Muslim Visitor Guides

We develop of destination-specific Muslim Visitor Guides. Creation of each guide involves an extensive process of designing, sourcing and developing compelling content which highlights the destination’s unique attributes whilst addressing the fundamental concerns of a Muslim Traveler.

The Muslim Visitor Guide is made available offline on our Sister platform HalalTrip which caters for on-the-go travelers with ease.

Some Recent Completed Projects

Australia Tourism Authority

  • Australian Muslim Visitor Guide for 8 states across Australia

  • Consists of 68 pages in English

  • Components of visitor guide addressed in each city:

    • - Exciting experiences

    • - Shopping places

    • - Halal restaurants

Jeju Tourism Association

  • Jeju Muslim Visitor Guide

  • Consists of 10 pages in English

  • Components of visitor guide addressed in each city:

    • - Exciting experiences

    • - Shopping places

    • - Halal restaurants

Indonesia Tourism Authority

CrescentRating worked with Indonesian Tourism Board on an extensive destination marketing project centered on 3 main cities: Jakarta, Bandung and Bali.


Enabling Indonesia to attract the growing Muslim Travel Market via a comprehensive social media marketing strategy targeted at Singapore and Malaysia.

Components of Project

1. Social Media Influencer Tour of Indonesia

2. Indonesian Muslim Visitor Guide in English & Arabic

3. Infographis

4. Online Consumer Contest to garner Muslim Visitor Stories

5. Unique native content centered on Indonesia’s exciting offerings

6. Indonesian micro site with a dedicated URL

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